hale cress

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You protect me with such ferocity yet you terrify me all the same. Your breath is a danger I know well and one I had felt before our eyes even met but our hearts beat to the same rhythm. They called us many things but never once had the rabble considered us 'balanced'. Remember that before a mother was offered, I was your first love. Today, I would like to think I am still that but at a careful distance. When I light my candles, I pray in your name.

The Ritualist’s breath caught within the center of her throat though outwardly her appearance remained languid.As she lowered her regard she reached up to coil her steel clad fingers around the silver bell hanging from her neck.”Light your candles.” She parroted her House words, “I display little emotion aside from petulance but you, Dove, have always wrested the darkest aspects of me even when we were young. You are without a doubt the one person I would cull for. If someone were to take you from me I’d never rest till your aggressors were strewn about Azeroth and beyond.
To this day I believe you will be the only person I could ever truly love in any capacity. You are my Light, sister. I strive to preserve your warmth.”