hale benson


Since PLL’s ending this Tuesday, I decided to get my theory out there. I’ve had this theory for a while now and it’s kind of a long shot but I just really wanted to write my thoughts out. So, I basically think that detective Wilden is alive and A.D.

Here’s why:

Ever since they used the (very realistic) Wilden mask in 6x20, I’ve been wondering why. Mary and Archer made Ali think she’s insane by pretending to be Jessica DiLaurentis and Wilden. I just wonder, why Wilden? Why let Alison see Wilden and not for example Ian or Garret? This could of course also be a thing that the writers didn’t think about, but still. So, Alison sees Wilden and in 7x04 we find all this pictures of Wilden in Archer’s apartment, which is really weird to me. How does Archer know Wilden? Charlotte did know him, did they talk about Wilden?

In 7x06 we see this man with a mask in a police uniform attacking Alison. I always thought this was a huge clue. The guy also looks like Wilden to me. And again, a (kind of) realistic mask.

Okay now, I know Wilden is dead and I know we had his funeral and all. BUT we thought Mona was dead, we thought Alison was dead, and they also weren’t. Mona was drugged by Charlotte so she looked dead but was still alive, she just couldn’t talk or move. She drugged Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis with this as well, in 6x10. And who is the one that “killed” Wilden? Exactly, Cece/ Charlotte. What if she drugged Wilden with the same thing and he really is alive?

Besides that, the episode that we have Wilden’s funeral is called “A is for A-L-I-V-E” and even though we thought this was because of Alison, it could easily be for Wilden too.

Oh, and Ian Harding said “I don’t buy this” when he read the script for 7x20, so maybe that’s because a dead character is A.D.?

A.D. = After Death

Wilden was also mentioned A LOT by Cece/ Charlotte in 6x10. Plus he was beach hottie and we know he was the queen of hearts and killed Garret. He knows both Alison and Charlotte. Charlotte and Wilden were friends before she “killed” him. He also has connections with Melissa, so that includes Wren too. IT’S WILDEN, IT HAS TO BE.