Released on October 9, 2012 Ellie Goulding’s album Halcoyn brings peace and happiness in the span of 19 songs. Eliie brings highs and lows  between upbeat and serious showing her diversity as a musician, with songs like “I Know You Care” and “Explosions” she brings her soft vocals that put listeners in a deep trance inducing the feeling of nostalgia. Her songs “Only You,” “Figure 8,” and “Anything Could Happen” take her a step away from the darker and dramatic tone from “Don’t Say A Word” and make her more radio and pop friendly. The diversity throughout this album keeps listeners on their toes wondering what will play out next. Ellie Goulding brings together Indie and EDM to create the captivating album HalcoynThis album for Ellie takes away from her 2011 release Lights and allows her to mature as an artist and a person. Beautiful in execution and bringing catchy elements has sky-rocketed Goulding’s popularity. 

Recommendation Level of Album: Very High