German State Halberd of the Guard of the Emperor Ferdinand I 

  • Dated: 1563
  • Measurements: head length 52.9 cm. Overall length 223.2 cm

The head features a broad central spike formed with a medial ridge, rear fluke cut with wavy edges about the base, while the axe-blade comes with cusped back edges. There is an open socket extending to form a pair of long straps and they feature a pair of subsidiary straps fitted at the left- and right-hand sides.

Each face of the head is decorated with etched panels of foliage, involving the date “1563” on the fluke, while the axe-blade is bearing the arms of The Holy Roman Empire quartered with those of Austria and Burgundy and encircled by the collar of The Order of The Golden Fleece.

The Imperial crown sits above, flanked by the cipher “KF” for Kaiser Ferdinand. Thee date, the collar and the crown all comes with traces of original gilding and they are all on a contrasting etched stippled and blackened ground.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Hermann Historica


European Halberd

  • Dated: early 17th century
  • Culture: German
  • Measurements: height 242 cm

The halberd has a cusp of square section, hollow axe slightly counter-curved at the upper part that is decorated with open-works. The weapon also features long humps at the back, and a straight beak thickened at the tip with ring-nut, straps and counter-straps and an octagonal, wooden haft.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Czerny’s International Auction House S.R.L.

The Halbertology Course Review's By Kevin Halbert - Does It Really Work

The Halbertology Course Review’s By Kevin Halbert - Does It Really Work HALBERTOLOGY, COURSE, KEVIN, HALBERT, REVIEW, BY, REVIEW’S, MARK, MACRAE The Halbertology Course Review’s By Kevin Halbert – Does It Really Work?
The Halbertology Course Review’s By Kevin Halbert
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The Halbertology Course Review’s By Kevin Halbert - Does It Really Work

The Halbertology Course Review’s By Kevin Halbert - Does It Really Work

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The Halbertology Course Review’s By Kevin Halbert - Does It Really Work

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Trabant Halberd (Alabarda da Trabante)

  • Dated: 1600
  • Culture: Italy
  • Measurements: total length 250cm

Infantry soldier halberd “à la Lanterne”, with circumferentially placed grotesque masks, perforated, crescent-shaped ax blade, and also pierced hooks tear. It presents octagonal spout with baluster stem with long feathers. All parts come with etched scrollwork. It has a shaft carved with brass nail-studded and an iron shoe. Hardware spotted something.

Source & Copyright: Live Auctioneers 


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HEY GUYS: I wrote this song in 2013 originally, right before I graduated from High School.  Then, about a year after completing an exceedingly rough, and emotionally crippling first year at Penn State University, I decided to completely re-write the lyrics, and apply them to how I am feeling now, now that I have accomplished and learned so much more.  I am not claiming to be the next big thing, but I do enjoy writing so I hope you guys like this.

I am also using this as my submission for Kelly Clarkson’s Open Mic Night.  It would mean the world to me if she and her musical director Jason saw this, and liked it enough to pick me, because as anyone who knows me knows, Kelly is such a huge inspiration to me, and especially since the two of them wrote one of my all time favorite songs, Catch My Breath, together. 

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