Reflecting back on HalBarry

Taking this opportunity at the conclusion of the @halbarryfanbook project to promote/spread the love of this one amazing halbarry artist that got me deep into the fandom.

  • Artist: ZOO (
  • **Permission for repost given for non-commercial use + with credit**  
  • “轉載OK,請確定【非商用及註明作者】”
  • Please enjoy this gallery of my personal faves. And give the artist some love if you have a lofter account!
  • Captions are translations of the artist’s own words.

“In that world, they’ve never met.”

“If you were here.”

“You on the other side of the light, far away.”

“Sorry, I can no longer accompany you.”

“The Light-bringer and the Lantern Spirit”

“You are squishing me, Hal.” “Stop eating and let’s go play!” 

Now listen here you little shit one tiny kudos does not fully express the how I feel when I read a good fanfic and I am no where near being able to express in words the shear heartbreak or pure happiness that these authors can make me feel so let me send another fucking kudos

Now listen here you little piece of shit.
This fanfic was so frigging amazing and adorable and worthy of thirty-hundred-millions of kudos! One teeny tiny kudos doesn’t express how wonderful(in many occasions how heart broken) I was after reading the fanfic! So let me give the awesome author another fidgity fudge kudos

You know it always weirds me out when people say they ‘don’t ship any characters’ i mean what do you do with your lives???? are you honestly trying to tell me that you go to sleep during normal hours??? that you actually focus on school/office work???? that you actually spend your day doing something productive????? that you can actually cope with life without depending on the relationship status between two fictional characters????????? because honestly that sounds like bullshit

so you know those soulmate AUs where you’ve got your soulmates first words to you written on your body in their handwriting? what if your soulmate had really shit handwriting? and you’ll have no idea when you meet them because you can’t decipher their stupid fucking handwriting