hala madrid bitches

Yes. Cristiano Ronaldo is selfish. But he has the right to be selfish enough, because what he can do with the ball no one else can.

It’s sad to see how much people accuse him of being selfish and a diver. It is the media that has got everyone thinking Ronaldo is the one that invented the art of diving. Do you people not remember, after diving against Hungary in the 2006 World Cup, Steven Gerrard was applauded by his former teammates and fans. Or when Rooney dove to get a penalty against Arsenal in 2009, he was treated warmly by the press and was called “honest.” What about Eboue diving in the game against Manchester United. So when these great players dive, they tend to either be portrayed as heroes who would do anything for his team or country but when Cristiano Ronaldo does, he is seen as a selfish diving prick. Where is the justice in this?   

Real Madrid are much more direct in attacking, which is why everyone is branding Ronaldo selfish when he takes shots on goal. For Cristiano Ronaldo, there is always been high expectations from the fans in every single match he plays. Who wouldn’t be selfish to score goals if he’s worth 80 million pounds.

Ronaldo likes to be the man who makes everything happen, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The moment Ronaldo stops being selfish and starts playing easy sideways passes instead of dribbling through three men at once, he stops being Ronaldo.

As a Real Madrid fan, it is easy for me to defend Cristiano. He is one of us. But as fan of this beautiful sport, it is incredibly offensive to see the treatment given to this great player. In the end, whether he is simply a selfish player or just an ambitious one, he still deserves the credit for being a great player.