Friend: How are you doing?

Me: Fine.

What I actually mean: Riverdale has tore me to pieces on this the night of homecoming. I have cried. I have died. I have seen the good, the bad, and the dirty. And honestly I had no idea how shook I was actually going to become tonight. Jughead was crying and I was crying. We had this weird in sync thing going on through our different universes. And Betty loves Jughead. Bye.

My theory on who murdered Jason Blossom

My money’s on Valerie. She’s unexpected, she has a thing for redheads, we don’t really know that background of her friendship with Polly or how well she knew Jason. I love Valerie to death, but if you want a huge plot twist it’s either her or Ms. Grundy’s ex husband.

I was thinking of making a special drawing for Kirby’s birthday but ended up not doing it. ovo; (Or I just might draw it late.) So instead, here’s a little doodle of Kirby and Magolor I drew yesterday!

Happiness in the form of a pink puffball. Happy 25th borbday, Kirby!