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Game Night At The Watch Tower
  • [Playing Scrabble]
  • Green Lantern: I will put my "A" down to make “A”
  • The Flash: I will add to your “A” to make “AT”
  • Superman: I will add onto your “AT” to make “RAT”
  • Batman: I will add onto your “RAT” to make “BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC”
  • Green Lantern: [flips the board]
Ok think about it...

Like Bruce right now is like “Barry, you’re so precious. ILY” and then this green space cop comes by and like “’Sup dudes” and then Barry’s like “Whoa he’s cool” and then Bruce is like “Barry, no” and then Hal is like “Barry yes”

In summary, Hal is the guy that every dad doesn’t want their child to end up with.

Think about it.

thotwing  asked:

Can you imagine a Tim grindr account? Who would it match him with?

Was he just bored? Yup. Definitely. Did he really think something was going to come from this? Of course not. Tim set up his profile using his usual pseudonym; Alvin. He could probably get away with using his real first name, but he wanted as few people as possible to be able to trace this back to him in real life. He’d contemplated using a simple selfie for his picture but that brought up the debate about what kind of selfie to take; classy, or trashy was such a debate. Instead he settled for a picture Steph had taken of him dressed in a suit for another Wayne function. He looked good in formal wear. Then there came the bio. Gotta keep it nice and simple:

18 years old



“Classy queer, just looking for a little fun.”

Did he actually expect anything of it? No. Of course not. It was just fun to flip through while he was on patrol. Sometimes, if it was a particularly quiet night, he’d find one profile that indicated the person was close by, and just see if he could find them. When he first downloaded the app, he hadn’t been surprised to see Dick or Jason’s profiles pop up whilst in the Bat Cave. It figured.

The highlight of this experience though was when he had gone to the Watch Tower with Bruce. He was sitting around by the monitor, bored out of his mind while the main Leaguers were all in a meeting. There were a bunch of others just hanging around the space station: from various other Leaguers to sidekicks, but he didn’t feel like chatting. He also apparently forgot that they were, ya know… in space… and habitually opened up the app. Rather than just getting flashed an error message, a few profiles actually showed up. Tim almost tipped the chair over when he saw the names and images that popped up:








Yeah…. He probably wasn’t supposed to see those.


“Snoopy’s Reunion” Part 1

Featuring the first Voice acting role of the glorious Josh Keaton as Linus Van Pelt—he would go on to voice young Hercules in the 1997 Disney film “Hercules” a mere 6 year after this aired

I love how all the DC comics blogs follow each other because I swear someone will make a new post and I’ll see it at least 15 times in one day because everyone is reblogging it from each other and I think that’s hilarious