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All of Mello’s Glorious Outfits

Whattup Tumblr, so I was looking for a post that detailed each outfit Mello wears in the manga and couldn’t find one smh, so here it goes. Please enjoy the high fashion of our favorite pint-sized criminal.

Alright, so when we first meet Mello as a lil bb, his clothes are pretty plain:

Black shirt, black…jeans? I’m having a hard time deciding what fabric this is. And he’s barefoot.

When he leaves Wammy’s, the look is completed with a denim jacket…and shoes:


WOW, THAT FEATHERED PARKA. You’ve got the drug dealer steez down Mello, great job, my boy. Let’s peep those details:

Leather gloves, Catholic symbolism, that flawless bob, damn!

Detailing on the boots:

Alright, last shot of this getup just so we have the profile view, since this is his best known look:

Parka has pockets likely filled with discarded chocolate wrappers, pants tucked into boots, overall nicely done, 10/10 look.

Now onto an often overlooked ensemble, Mello’s spring alternative to the usual leather complete with white pants:

Now it looks like these are the same boots as the first look, just not tied up all the way.

Here’s detailing on the pants:

Decorative stitched seaming details the pockets and…zipper? Cause Mello is fond of drawing attention to the crotch with a variety of accoutrements. Fiendish expression completes the look.

Alright, so you know earlier when I said his iconic look? I lied. That’s a completely different outfit. THIS is his signature outfit:

So this top looks similar to the last, but this one is obviously leather, the last one looks like cloth. Also, this one has the peekaboo cut in the midriff that the other lacks. New belt (last one was square, this one is circular), and we see him in dress boots for the first time instead of combat boots. I think these are new pants, too. They’re frayed at the bottom and flare out like bellbottoms:

(The pair in the first look were tucked into his boots, so I’m assuming they were bootcut—would be awkward to keep tucked.) Also this is the first appearance of the bracelet rosary and the chain on the side of his pants. Still, Mello must be proud of his arms cause he’s really fond of sleeveless vests??

Alright, so this panel I like cause it gives us a detailing on the belt, plus Mello’s amazing expressions are the gifts that keep on giving:

So then we don’t see our mini-mafioso for a hot minute, till he reappears in Hal Lidner’s apartment….and he’s got a new jacket!

Another jacket with a furry hood, although the fur on this one is much more lowkey and less…feather boa-ish. It’s also got some ~sick flame decals around the shoulders and down the arms; frayed edges; and those…throwing star looking decals on the side of the arms:

If anyone knows what that symbol is, feel free to holla at ya girl.

The cuffs on the sleeves are darker and match the color of the flames. You can also see the fraying better here. The pants have laces, which we didn’t see in the previous scenes at the Mafia’s hideout. And just for added measure….

The buttons are skulls, LMAO.

The next new outfit we get is after he appears with Matt wearing this badass moto jacket:

I honestly can’t tell what the design is supposed to be. At first I thought they were zippers, but it looks like they’re either studs or a braided motif (or both):

Also, some pretty sweet new shades he’s rocking, and he’s letting his hair grow out, nice.

Still confused by this design, but it’s likely braided.

This next one isn’t actually in the story, it’s just a chapter illustration, but it does feature Mello in yet another jacket, this time with what for sure looks to be a zipper appliqué:

This is definitely different from the one above—not a moto jacket, and looks like it might have a hoodie attached (or it could be a different piece layered underneath, as we see some of the white fabric at the bottom, and the hoodie is white).

Back to the plot! So Mello kidnaps Takada and blesses us with yet another jacket:

This seems like more of a true motorcycle jacket. Nothing fancy, has padding at the shoulders and elbows. The front zips up and includes a snap enclosure at the neck. These are also different gloves that go to the mid forearm. Also can I just say, Mello looks like…ten years older post-scar. 

Ok, last but not least:

Mello looking clandestine af in his parcel deliverer uniform.

Thank you for your many costume changes, Mello. Each delivers. What a guy.

asirenscalling  asked:

Based of the favorite cuddling positions. The guys favorite sex positions?

oooo okay here we go. This was also with the help of @writemarvelousthings 

Bucky - Spooning sex! He loves to feel close to you. 

Lance - Doggy style for sure as we’ve seen hahah 

Chris - Loves to have one of your legs over his shoulder so he can go deeper 

Carter - Loves you riding him, hands on your hips 

Chase - 69 hahah 

Jefferson - Missionary so he can see you come apart 

Hal - Doggy style BUT up against a wall or a door or something. He also loves having his hand over your mouth 

Dayton - Sideways in the back of his car or you riding him 

Sinful Sunday™

Imagine dating Hal Jordan and meeting the League 

Relationship: Lover

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Hal Jordan

The only noise in the maintenance hangar with the soft music you had on and the hit of your tools against the metal table as you looked over the engine, most everyone had left for lunch about 20 minutes. You let out a huff as you wiped the sweat off your forehead, as the hanger doors open you glanced over to see someone jogging over. As they got closer you noticed that it was your boyfriend and one of the world’s best pilot Hal Jordan, who just happened to also be the very famous Green Lantern.

“Hey, Hal. What’s up?” The top of your overalls was on your waist showing the blue tank top you choose to wear today.

“You are kinda late to our lunch date sweetheart.” Your eyes widen and you went through your pockets to find you phone so you could check your calendar. Sure enough when you open the app up a note popped up saying not to miss the lunch date with Hal today. Your hands ran through your hair as you looked up from the phone to Hal.

“I’m so sorry. I totally forgot.” Hal chuckled, you enjoyed your job that was one then that drew him to you. Very few women became an airplane mechanic since it was mostly still a man’s field. You didn’t let that stand in your way, you were one of a kind.

“I will make it up to you I promise.” You said looked at him worried that he was mad at you.

“Tonight then. A few friends of mine are going out and I like for you to come.” Seeing as you knew he was the Green Lantern he thought maybe it was time to meet the League in a way.

“Can we still get lunch. I’m starving.” You said to which Hal chuckled and nodded.

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Clenched Fists: The Crescendo - Chapter 8

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First Chapter

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Yo yo! So here’s chapter 8. Not much to say about it other than shit. is about. to go down. I’ve gotta apologise because I hurt Josh in this chapter but it was necessary to the story I swear.

Hope you guys are enjoying your easter if you’re off. I work lots when I’m home so chapters might be slow but I also don’t have lectures to go to so who knows.

Ask box is always open!

Words: 6,400

Warnings: (o boi) Beating, violence, abusive relationships, death threats, SMUT!!! possessive! Josh, good ol’ daily dose of face-sitting, love??

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April 1st is a day that everyone in the superhero community fear because it’s the day Wally West runs around the world prancing EVERYONE. Some notable pranks include painting Hal Jorden’s apartment yellow, replacing all of the alcohol in Booster Gold’s bar with milk, and putting a giant T-Rex in the Batcave. The T-Rex has yet to be removed.


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I can see for some reason that Clark brings his infant son to a JLA meeting. Everyone thinks Bruce is going to bitch. Instead he's ok w it, and when the baby is passed to him, he happily cuddles him and the baby falls asleep all tucked into his chest and neck. Or like he'll hold the bouncing baby in his lap, helping the kiddo stand and build his muscles so he can soon walk.

Bruce is actually a baby whisper, and anytime anyone brings a baby to a JLA meeting and it gets upset, it’s just given to Bruce. Bruce hates it but also is very pleased when the baby calms down and falls asleep in his arms. 

Bruce will tear Hal apart with a sleeping infant in his arms, he doesn’t give an ef. 

(Damian is incredibly distraught when he finds out later in life that he too has the baby-whispering skills. Now-not-baby Jon thinks it’s incredibly hilarious.)