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Being Human fandom problems:

1. The show has been cancelled for 2 years.

2. There is no such thing as a happy ending; only death, the afterlife, and really open ended series finales.

3. There are only 36 episodes, and you have probably cried during each of them. 

4. Watching it once is an emotional journey. Rewatching it is a full-time emotional commitment, and you’ll spend a lot of money on tissues and counseling. 

5. The soundtrack haunts you. 

6. That one song that makes you weep in public because you sometimes hear it in your head when you’re sad. 

Cheer Up Post #2155 - Hal & Mitchell Edition

the-impossible-dwarf could use a post featuring Hal and Mitchell from Being Human UK. I hope this helps!

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Another reason why I love Being Human is how it writes its male characters.

I’ve never seen a show where men cry so often and so openly, and aren’t judged or looked down on for it. There aren’t really any truly “macho” men in Being Human who aren’t caricatures or predatory (Tully and Saul, in particular). George is high strung, emotional, cooks, and takes on a lot of domestic responsibilities, but he’s also killed people, has aggressive tendencies, and has some misogynistic moments.
Mitchell is much more of a stereotypical guy, but he’s sensitive, emotional, loves kids, and is incredibly awkward around women for a guy who oozes masculine confidence and good looks.
Tom learned a lot of outdated, chivalric views of women from McNair, but he’s harmless, clueless, and just wants to treat women how they want to be treated.
And Hal…Hal is Hal.
And of course, there’s Gilbert, who’s celibate (although I see him as asexual), and falls in love with Annie in a pure and honest way, without any expectation that she should love him back. Gilbert, the ultimate nice guy who cares more about loving Annie than her love for him.
The male characters are all well rounded and developed, and not at the expense of the women in the show. And they’re allowed to have feelings and fears and complex emotions and reactions to the world around them.


What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?   (original lyrics: Charles Tindley)

I’m thinking of friends that I used to know
Who lived and suffered in this world below
But they’re gone off to heaven, but I want to know
What are they doing there now?

People like Jones, Santilli, Kessler, and Turner are characters who are designed to be so repulsive to the public that the public will automatically distance themselves from whatever movement these shills “promote” in order to save themselves the embarrassment and social ostracism which they feel will come by standing up for the same issues publicly. (Liberty, constitution, etc)


Set 2 of 4 of my favorite 1000 Blank White Cards cards


Gary Gygax Bonus, Kleptomonkeyacs, and Llanowar Elves - Me
Hal Turner Pony - Matt Cashiola (don’t remember your tumblr url, sorry)
JoBro - ???
Microwave Object - Ethangrey 

remember when Hal Turner, the host of a neo-nazi internet radio show that got attacked by 4chan repeatedly for years, turned out to actually have been an FBI informant that was providing information on the activities of militia movement groups