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It’s almost Chanukah so here are some DC icons with Jewish or Jewish-coded characters!

If Marvel comics are more your speed I have a bunch of Chanukah icons with Marvel characters right here.

(If for some reason or another you don’t think a certain character belongs here do me a favor and keep it to yourself, thank you.)

Graphic Ink: The DC Comics Art of Darwyn Cooke

A much-loved member of the comics community ever since his breakout hit, BATMAN: EGO, hit stands fifteen years ago, artist and writer Darwyn Cooke has lent his signature retro style to all corners of the DC Universe, from Catwoman to Green Lantern to Jonah Hex.

GRAPHIC INK: THE DC COMICS ART OF DARWYN COOKE collects more than 400 pages of comics and cover art from throughout the career of this phenomenal artist—including many pieces that have never before been reprinted!

On sale OCTOBER 20 • 400 pg, FC, 8.625” x 11.625”, $39.99 US


All the yearbook signatures from Yearbook Madness.