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I get that the last bit of the jl trailer was supposed to be a nod at Clark still being alive or Hal or Oliver or whatever but there was whiskey there so I’ve personally come to the conclusion an exhuasted, angry, bitter Commisoner Gordon is already tired of these kids in spandex messing with his city and has decided to take matters into his own hands


My fancast for the DCEU *PART 1*.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Poison Ivy
Katheryn Winnick as Black Canary
Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow
Danay García as Catwoman
Armie Hammer as Green Lantern
Lindsey Morgan as Batgirl
Matt Bomer as Nightwing
Evan Rachel Wood as Batwoman
Meghan Ory as Huntress

I had so much fun doing this ❤

How would the Batboys help their s/o through a Mental Breakdown

@wierd-sad-crazy-girl asked: “Hey I was wondering if you could do headcanons on the batboys helping there s/o through a mental breakdown.”

(A/N): Did some research, hope you like it! If not, let me know so that I can re-write/correct it :)

Warnings: Nervous Breakdown references

Words: 600


  • Dick would make you sleep for at least 9 hours and would stay next to your bed to make sure that you would sleep and not do something else
  • If it was in the middle of the day, he would stay there, watching TV or something
  • If it was at night, he would cuddle with you, holding you close to him
  • He would be very understanding and would not make you eat a whole meal if you didn’t want to
  • But he would make you eat more and more everyday so that it could be easier for you to get better
  • He would probably try to do yoga with you at some point
  • Hearing him talking about his childhood and the first time fighting crime really helped you


  • Because of sleep deprivation Tim has had a nervous breakdown before, he knows how awful it is
  • He feels like it’s his fault because you used to stay up late w/ him a lot of times
  • He starts going to bed early and starts to sleep more in order to make you do the same (it’s also really good for him bc he was needing way more rest)
  • He hides the coffee from you
  • He goes from drinking 5 cups or more a day to only drinking 2
  • From all of the boys, he is the one who helps his s/o getting better faster because of experience


  • Being moody himself, it’s stressing for him
  • He asked Dick help to learn how to control himself better because you sometimes still have emotional outbursts of anger or crying and he doesn’t want to make things worse
  • He would make sure you were always with someone close and important to you but would understand if you wanted to be alone at times
  • He would hold you for hours and talk about the funniest and better moments he could recall with you
  • He would go to therapy with you on the first times but as you start to show some improvement he convinces you to go alone
  • “But Jay I-“
  • “You can do it (Y/N). I know you can, you are much stronger than you think you are. And I’ll be right outside the door if you need me to kick some a-“
  • “Jay.”
  • “Right, sorry. You got this. I know you can do it. I’ll be here if you need me” he kisses you and you go see the doctor.


  • Damian would be very calm through the whole process (at least on the outside)
  • On the inside he would be really worried bc that boy has a sweet heart and the thought of you being mentally hurt would tear him apart
  • Once you had an hallucination about being someone in the room with you two and he freaked out like?? How didn’t he notice it??
  • He freaked out even more when he realised you were alone, that it was just your mind playing tricks on you
  • It was hard to bring you back to reality but using his, let’s call them, mind controlling techniques (?)  that he learned as a kid, he was able to calm you and cuddled with you afterwards waiting for you to fall asleep
  • Most of the time, he knew you weren’t really sleeping, but he also knew that forcing you wasn’t going to help you at all
  • He would put insomnia medication in your drinks to help you sleep
  • The doctor had told you to take them but, being stubborn as you are, you refused to take them
  • That’s why he did it without you knowing
Sex eyes

Can you do a Jason imagine with the prompt “god you’re adorable”?

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“Oh, you’re adorable.” You giggled as you glanced over at Jason’s pouting face.

He stationed himself beside the doorframe so he could get the food as it entered the room for the guests.

It hadn’t taken you long to spot him, but you had observed him for a while before walking over to him. Dick had your attention for a while, until Tim started talking to his crush and Damian started trying to sneak his animals onto the dance floor.

“I am not.” he grumbled as you rested against the pillar next to him.
“Having a good time?” You asked him with a taunting tone.

“I’d have a better time if i didn’t have to be here.” He grumbled and held a cocktail shrimp in his fingers, before popping it into his mouth.
“What - you’d rather be off with your ‘flatmates’ in your scorched apartment than with me?”
“Yep.” He said simply and lazily gazed at you before glancing at the watch on his wrist. “Come on.” He groaned as he scanned the crowd.

“Look at him.” He sighed as he observed him amongst a group of socialites “He’s loving it.”

“Wouldn’t you? In the company of beautiful people who laugh with everything you say.” You mused out as you leant your head on his shoulder.

“I should know.” He chuckled and pulled away from you, causing you to quickly glare at him

“You know i laugh at you right?”  You chuckled as you reached for a glass of champagne passing infront of you

“Yeah - wait.” He retorted quickly, before licking his lips and opening his mouth to debate you but you were both interrupted by a large crash interference amongst the occupants.

“It’s game time.” You muttered as masked perpetrators started harassing the guests and quickly deposited your cheap jewellery into the bags they held out.

You saw Jason eye up the men and scowl as he too chucked a fake wallet into the bag. Reaching out, you held his hand to try and help him keep his cool, he couldn’t blow this.

Watching Bruce, you saw him listen and abide, tossing another fake wallet in.

This was it.
This was what you all expected, you took a deep breath in and glanced around the room. You noticed the serious looks on Barbara and Dicks faces, and also noticed that Damian and Stephanie were not to be seen.

This was supposed to clear your names!
Where the hell were they?!
Of course with your names being on the suspected batfamily list circling the city, you’d become targets and you allowed it - with Bruce temporarily putting down the cowl.

Of course people were hesitant to do business with the suspected Batman, however they could never pass up a Wayne Gala.

“Getyour hands off of me!” Damians voice yelled out and your attention snapped over to him being harrassed.
Jason took your hand as you felt your body move towards the scene and as your eyes met - a gasp fell across the crowd.

Looking back you spotted Batman standing infront of Damian with Bruce now holding his son close. As the people moved to the walls and watched in awe as Batman fought or scared off the remaining intruders.

Mutterings filled the ballroom as Bruce stood up and thanked the Bat and resumed the party, with the masked vigilante now gone.

“Did you see that?” A young man approached you with an excited look.
“Yeah!” You replied excitedly as you recognised him as a police officer that worked for the commissioner. “That was so cool.”
“No! Did you see the look that Bruce gave Batman? They’re having an affair. Bruce had the sex eyes” He whispered excitedly as you glanced from him to Bruce reassuring his wife, then to Jason who was now trying to hide his laughing face.
“Did you hear that Jason?” You asked with a glint in your eye as he moved away quickly.

Excusing yourself quietly, you followed him into the hallway and found him laughing hysterically.
“What is going on?” You asked him “I know it’s funny but-”
“It was Hal.” He whispered as he braced himself from falling over laughing. “In the suit. And he - he thought it was Clark.”
“Oh my god.” You shook your head with a grin
“He was making ‘sex eyes’ with Hal!” He giggled as you stood there with a giant smile “Don’t you find that hilarious?”
“God you’re adorable.” You sighed as you chucked