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Fic: DCU: Pillow

This was actually suppose to be for deandraws birthday last month…..I sorry it’s late!  *flails*

Amusingly I had him beta this. XD


Barry lazily ran his fingers through the soft chestnut brown hair, idly swiping his thumb across the screen of his tablet.  The man in his arms murmured something in his sleep, nuzzling his head against Barry’s chest.  The speedster smiled and gave a soft chuckle; he didn’t mind being used as a body pillow, even as Hal began to drool on him a little.  He leaned down and placed a kiss atop his boyfriend’s head, taking in a deep breath of the man’s scent.

It had been three weeks, three full weeks without his Green Lantern. Three weeks of not seeing nor hearing from the man, or knowing why he hadn’t returned within the original time frame.  Hal had been away on Corps missions before, but never for this long…and this mission was supposed to have been a simple one.  At least that’s what Hal had told him, anyways.  A week tops.  But when one week turned into two and then three, Barry started to worry.  To say he had been a stressful nervous wreck would have been an understatement; he was pretty sure he drove Wally up a wall with his fretting. 

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anonymous asked:

You know I wonder if originally Fred was the one who was going to be framed for the murder. But after seeing the onscreen chemistry between Cole&Skeet, they went with FP instead. I think in a Youtube video RAS kinda explains why Jughead gets heavy drama, and it seems it's because of Cole&Skeet's magical onscreen chemistry. I believe originally it was going to be Barfchie&Archie&Fred. But after seeing the chemistry between Cole&Lili/Cole&Skeet, they went with Bughead/FP&Jughead instead.

Oh without question. I haven’t seen that video, but I’ve read interviews alluding to much the same by RAS (and him saying originally Jughead was NOT slated to get all the drama, which tells you something). Given that there WAS a leak of Fred being framed, Hal as the killer, etc….I could easily believe that was the original plan