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To add onto that fuckin “you say it i eat it” or whatever by @turing-tested from ages ago:
one time hal ate like 4 of dirk’s pony figurines and equius sends him a heated email that somehow doesn’t include swearing about how unhealthy it is to eat that sort of stuff and that it violates dirk’s privacy.
Hal doesnt reply for like 4 days but when he does its a link to a video of him eating a printed out copy of said email

4. Recovery

Series: Metal Gear Solid

Rating: T

Pairing: Snake/Otacon

Word Count: 1405

Description: Dave isn’t in bed when Hal wakes up.

Ficlet #4 for @snotweek 2017! 

Hal is cold when he wakes up. His mind is fuzzy, thoughts hazy like he’s thinking through TV static. Something is off, and it takes him a moment to realize that he should not feel cold, not when Dave had fallen asleep next to him. David, he realizes suddenly, is definitely not in bed. Hal bolts upright, groping for his glasses on the bedside table and clicking the lamp on. The motel room is small, small enough that Hal would have seen him immediately had Dave been here, but there’s no sign of him in the dingy armchair next to the window or anywhere else. Panic settles low in his stomach.

The door to the bathroom is open, and the room is dark, so Hal knows he can’t be in there. He turns toward the motel door then, and pauses to wonder if he should bring the handgun Dave insists he keeps in his backpack. After imagining himself having to explain why he’s standing outside in nothing but a borrowed tee shirt and ill-fitting sweatpants holding a loaded gun, however, he decides it may be more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, he slides on his shoes (Dave’s aren’t where he left them, he notes) and slowly pushes open the door.

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Imam Syafi’i RA
mengatakan bahwa 4 hal yang dapat menarik rezeki:

1) Qiyamullail

2) Memperbanyak istighfar di waktu sahur

3) Senang bersedekah

4) Membaca dzikiran di awal siang hari dan di akhirnya.”

dan Ada empat sebab yang bisa mempersulit datangnya rezeki:

1. Tidur dipagi hari

2. Sedikit sholat

3. Malas

4. Khianat

Semoga bermanfaat..