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Hakyeon (N) (featuring the rest of VIXX):

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Jaehwan (Ken):

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Wonshik (Ravi):

Hongbin (Don’t even ask me why, it’s just really him):

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Sanghyuk (Hyuk):

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The Five Senses of VIXX

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See – The times he’s not confident but doesn’t feel the need to hide it

Hear – Him tell you things he shares with no one else

Smell – His homemade soap on your hands

Taste – Kisses lush and velvety like the deepest red wine

Feel – Him playfully nip your ear when he’s in the mood and you tease him


See – The glimmer in his eye when he thinks of his future children

Hear – His calls to you every night he’s on tour no matter how tired he is

Smell – The earthy-sweet latte that is always in hand

Taste – The meal he worked hard on because he knows you appreciate it

Feel – Him whisper his love into the nape of your neck  


See – The little comics of you together he draws when bored

Hear – One of the dozens of nicknames he’s made for you

Smell – The street food as you walk around late at night hand in hand

Taste – A kiss more serious than his words could ever be

Feel – The tickle of the paintbrush as he uses your body as a canvas


See – A nervous smile when you listen to his song the first time

Hear – His breath hitch when you lightly run your nails down his thighs 

Smell – The staleness of the studio where you always find him

Taste – The meal you brought to share because he forgot to eat again

Feel – His fingers winding in your hair as he loses himself in you


See – Him shiver as your hand glides across the planes of his chest

Hear – Doubt when he asks if you love him for his looks or himself

Smell – The cozy air between you while spending a day in bed

Taste – The honeyed warmth of his sunshine smile

Feel – His hands clench your shirt because he’s worried he’ll hold you too tight


See – Him glow over compliments because they mean more from you

Hear – A groan when you kiss that spot that makes his toes curl

Smell – Something burning when he tries to cook for you  

Taste – The ice cream the two of you ate in the middle of the night

Feel – Him pick you up because it amuses him to hear you squeal​

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAA PLSPLSPLS WRITE VIXX HYUNGLINE FOR THE NEIGHBOR AU TOO i love ur writing thank u for always working so hard ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

woo thank you for reading my writing!!!!! it means the entire world to me~~
find the younger line (here


  • everything is tidy, everything costs more than your entire life savings, everything is color coordinated to go with this soft lilac aesthetic and his storage space in the basement of the apartment building is full of artisan scented candles that’s why his apartment always smells like literally. heaven
  • im serious,,,,,,,he is a candles person like look at him,,,,,
  • and most of the kids in your building are convinced small woodland creatures help him get dressed in the morning or something because he looks like a prince that came alive straight out of a movie??? plus he just gives off this really regal, dignified air
  • it’s hard to imagine that he’s just living life like all of us ordinary people like,,,,,,,,,,,
  • has a parakeet for a pet that he named chamomile,,,,,like after the flower,,,,,,,like how cute
  • likes to play ambient instrumental music when he’s cooking or cleaning and he’ll sway to the music and hum ,,,,,,, has a personalized apron that was a gift from his mom like,,,,,,please
  • nags at all his other friends who are living alone because,,,,,,,do they not own feather dusters???? they don’t use coasters?????? 
  • “um i know your shoes are off but where are your slippers hyuk ive bought you like 5 pairs already-”
  • you know hakyeon because you live next door to each other, but also you’ve run into him at the same home economics store like a hundred times and he’s always in the candles section which you think is really adorable
  • like here is this tall, beautiful looking man getting overly excited about candles,,,,,,like it just always makes you smile when you see him
  • and you actually have a date tonight with someone you’ve liked since,,,,,forever and you finally had the courage to ask them out and they’re coming for dinner
  • and as you’re preparing you’re like OOO i should get a candle for the table,,,,,,,but sadly you have none - BUT there is someone who can totally help you out
  • and when you knock on hakyeon’s door he more than gladly lends you a candle and he’s like “are you finally getting into them like me??” and you’re like “hmmm,,,,,,you could say that,,,,,,”
  • and you put it on the table, planning to light it when your date shows up,,,,,,,,but,,,,,,an hour passes
  • than two
  • and you realize as the clock hits 10 pm and your hungry stomach is growling that the person isn’t coming,,,,and you check your phone for absolutely no messages
  • and you sit at the table and put your head down on it and sigh because this always happens, you get your hopes up and they come crashing down around you
  • and you look up and see the candle and you’re like “might as well return this.” so you drag yourself up and knock on hakyeon’s door again
  • and he answers with a smile that turns to a frown when he sees you standing there, dejected and you’re like “i,,,,,,ended up not needing it.”
  • and hakyeon is like looking at you and just from the saddness written over your face he can tell,,,,,,,,,,that this candle was meant to be shared with someone,,,,,,but that didn’t happen
  • and quietly he asks if you might want to talk about it, but you just shrug your shoulders and you’re like “there’s nothing to say, they just,,,,,,didn’t show up.” and hakyeon is like “maybe something came up-” and you laugh sadly and you’re like “i think,,,,,,they just stood me up.”
  • and hakyeon makes a face and is like “well then, they must be out of their minds. but that makes sense.” and you look up at him and he’s like “well,,,,,,,,let’s just say if you asked me to dinner i wouldn’t make you wait number one and i wouldn’t make you cook for me, i’d be thankful to invite you over and cook for you! i’d have to be the one doing the impressing, i’d feel so lucky to have gotten someone like you to say yes to me.”
  • and you’re staring at him,,,,,,,in shock because no one has ever said something so flattering to you and you’re like in your head like he’s just trying to cheer you up it doesn’t mean anything
  • and you try to smile and you’re like “,,,,thank you,,,,,,,if only everyone was like you,,,,,,,,” and hakyeon steps to the side and is like
  • “no one is like me, but im serious. come in and let me impress you, if you’re ok with having that date with me instead?”
  • and for a moment you’re like,,,,,,is this,,,,,,,seriously happening?
  • and hakyeon is smiling, showing you the candle and with a wink he’s like “we can even light this too!”
  • and you suddenly blush,,,,, looking away and hakyeon is like “it’s ok if you feel uncomfortable, i won’t push you to sta-”
  • but your stomach is like please,,,,,,feed me,,,,,,,but also,,,,,,,like hakyeon???? inviting you???? to a dinner date?????? did fate arrange this or something,,,,,did getting stood up just turn into the best thing ever????
  • and that’s exactly what happens you find yourself seated at hakyeon’s dinner table and he’s like “pardon my humble choice of cooking instant meals,,,,,,,im not that good,,,,,,at cooking”
  • and you’re like “it’s fine, im impressed either way.” and hakyeon laughs at your little joke and he’s like “is it the candle that got you?”
  • and you’re like “maybe, but also,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s hard not to be impressed when i just,,,,,well ,,,,,,,look at you”
  • and hakyeon sits back and touches his face and he’s like “really? well,,,,i knew i wasn’t bad looking but im glad it worked on you~”
  • and you’re like “hakyeon, not to be blunt but it works on EVERYONE”
  • and hakyeon laughs again, but this time you can see him clear his throat in slight embarrassment and oh my god YOU just made the GREAT hakyeon blush
  • and you get giddy eating your instant dinner and hakyeon is just like “when i see the person who stood you up, i might just throw this candle in th-”
  • and you’re like no no don’t do that,,,,,but oh my god who knew such savagery lay beneath such a handsome face
  • hakyeon: ;) 


  • simple, no games, grey and white patterned everything 
  • pictures of his family and of his nephew in frames on his desk and hanging up on his wall
  • doesn’t,,,,,,,,,,,,,have a tv??????? how does he entertain himself?????
  • really big bookshelf though,,,,,he really likes to read. has recently gotten into composing so he bought himself a keyboard and a program for his laptop but he isn’t really sure how to go about it just yet
  • has like (1) painting in his house that his friend ken made for him and taekwoon isn’t even sure,,,,,like,,,,,,what it is,,,,,,,,but ken specifically did it in black and white so it would fit what he calls “taekwoon’s aura” and so taekwoon hung it up,,,,,,like near his bathroom,,,,,,,not somewhere everyone could see it 
  • the most updates appliance in his entire apartment: his fridge. just got a new one because the old one didn’t have an ice-maker
  • doesn’t like magnets but his nephew’s photo has to be in every room so he got a magnet just to put up a photo on his fridge,,,,,,,best uncle taekwoon tbh
  • sings in the shower
  • and of course: has a cat. named it leo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh the irony
  • and so you know him,,,,because you guys live on the last floor of the building and it’s a lot of stories up so when you take the elevator together it’s MEGA awkward because it takes a good 5 min to get up to the last floor and neither of you ever say anything
  • until one day you decide,,,,,hey maybe you’ll try making conversation but of all the things to talk about you like bring up something super random and you’re like “what’s your opinion on,,,,,,,,cats? i think dogs are a bit better as a pet,,,” and taekwoon just looks you dead in the eyes and is like “i have a cat.”
  • and from that moment on you cannot. get in the elevator with him
  • like you see him coming and you pretend to go back to your mailbox or you just look at your phone and hope he just leaves without you
  • and usually he does until one day he holds the elevator open and he’s like “it’s here, you should come in.”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,right. yep
  • and you’re like why the HELL do i live on the highest floor i could have taken the stairs but it would have killed me
  • and as you’re going up, thinking about how horrible the situation is you suddenly hear taekwoon go “did you ever get the dog?” and you look over to him and you’re like ,,,,,,,,um,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what
  • but then you remember and you’re like “i,,,,,no i didn’t. i want to, but,,,,,,i don’t know.”
  • and taekwoon is silent again and you’re like i messed up. it’s over for good now
  • until you get to your floor and he’s like “you can come and see my cat. she’ll make you change your mind. cats are great.”
  • and you’re like ?????? is he inviting me over
  • and taekwoon opens his door and holds it and is like “if you’d like, you can come.” and you’re like um,,,,,well ok,,,,,,i suppose
  • and his cat is really pretty,,,,,,all white fur and blue eyes and she takes kindly to you, weaving between your legs curiously and you lean down to let her sniff you before petting her
  • and taekwoon comes over and he’s like “you can hold her.” and he picks her up effortlessly and you stretch out your arms to take her and she’s so,,,,,,,warm
  • and you’re smiling because she’s so cute and you look at taekwoon and you’re like “she’s so calm, i thought cats didn’t like being held”
  • and you go back to the cat and taekwoon watches and the corner of his mouth pulls up a bit
  • and you have to go after a while and taekwoon says goodbye, and for the first time he also adds on a “make sure to eat.”
  • and it gives you the confidence then over the weekend to knock on his door and you’re just sheepishly like hey,,,,,,im going to the animal shelter today to pick out a,,,,,,,,kitten,,,,,,,,,wanna come?
  • and you think he might turn you down but he nods so fast and returns in 1 min with his jacket and keys
  • and you two have fun with all the kittens together and,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s basically a first date because afterwards taekwoon pays for the cat food for you new pet and c’mon only potential boyfriends would do that hEY 


  • how,,,,,,,has he survived this long? no one knows 
  • his apartment doubles as his art studio,,,,,and let’s just say it’s more obvious to be an artists studio than it is to be humanly inhabited as an apartment
  • im talking canvases everywhere, paint evERYWHERE, pencils and pens scattered on the floor and stuck into mugs that are sTILL full of coffee
  • when ken sleeps, he sleeps on the floor right beside whatever he’s working on and yes a couple of times he’s rolled himself over a drying painting and ended up waking up covered in stains
  • had to walk around with a big blob of green on his cheek for a good three hours until hongbin came over and was like “what,,,,,,is on your face?”
  • likes to party and drink, at other peoples houses with other people or by himself with his art
  • hakyeon once told him to maybe get some decorations so ken picked a flower from the street and stuck it into an empty wine bottle and was like “wa-la,,,,,,,,,,,flower in a vase”
  • hakyeon smack his hand against his face so loud the Whole world can hear it
  • probably walks around his apartment fully naked like that’s the Most Normal thing
  • and one night,,,,,,,,,drunk painter ken ends up forgetting his keys (of course) and so to get into his home he needs to climb the fire escape
  • and he’s 100% sure he’s climbing it up to the open window of HIS living room
  • but instead he goes head first onto a carpet,,,,,,and he doesn’t have a carpet,,,,,,,,but you do
  • and you jump off the sofa, almost spilling your drink all over yourself when you see this long limbed dude climb through your window
  • and you’re like whaT THE HELL and you pick up a nearby magazine to use as a weapon
  • but then the person rolls over and you see the face and you’re like “ken?”
  • and he makes a noise and you’re like “ken,,,,,,what the hell are you doing?” 
  • and you look out of the window to figure out how he got up here because yeah the fire escape,,,,,,,,but that thing is like 15 feet off the ground how did he climb the side of the wall,,,,,,,,,,,,while being drunk?????
  • and you wanna ask him but he’s fallen asleep, drooling onto your carpet
  • and you’d wake him up with a kick or something but,,,,,,,you feel bad for him also like maybe,,,,,,,,just a bit,,,,,,,,you’ve always found him really cute
  • so you cover him with a blanket and get back on your couch
  • and when you wake up it’s ken whose shaking your shoulder and you’re ??????? huh and he’s like “HEY thanks for letting me crash on your floor, im gonna go now”
  • and you’re like huh what ok
  • and you go back to sleep and when you wake up you’re like what,,,happened,,,,,,was it a dream???/
  • but when you leave your house to go shopping you see something taped to your door and it’s a little drawing of ken smiling and he’s like ‘thanks for not kicking me out! thanks for letting me climb through your window!’
  • and you laugh and keep the drawing and when you’re coming back home you see ken on his way inside too and you’re like “hows your hangover?” and he’s like “KILLER, but last night gave me some art inspiration!!” and you’re like omg that’s cool and he’s like “by the way - how do you feel about sitting for a portrait?” and you’re like “that sounds nic- WAIT WHAT” and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i want to paint you. if that’s ok,,,,,,,i was originally gonna paint you from memory but i kinda want to look at you more.”
  • and you’re like “so you can paint me better?”
  • ken: “oh no, i just like looking at you.”
  • you: “are you flirting with me after climbing through my window drunk last night?”
  • ken: “is it,,,,,,,,,,working?”
  • you: “a little”
  • ken: “then yes im flirting with you, how about this i paint you and you tell me about yourself,,,,,,like a first date kinda situation,,,”
  • and you sit there, well more like avoid sitting on any wet paint stains and ken is working on drawing you but he’s also asking you silly questions like what your alien name would be
  • and he’s really cute,,,,,,when half his body isn’t hanging out of your window
  • also he really can draw,,,,but you’re also like “ken where’s all your furniture”
  • and ken just makes a vague hand gesture and he’s like “somewhere”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,ooo so minimalist 
VIXX Sleeping Habits

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Now, it’s no secret that N absolutely adores skinship, whether it’s giving or receiving, he loves it so don’t be too surprised when this carries into the bedroom. He loves the feeling of you in his arms, completely tucked into his chest but more often than not you’ll both be laying on your side facing each other, legs intertwined while he has the freedom and time to study the details of your face - at first it made you self conscious but you quickly found the way he traced your features with his finger tips endearing and you found you no longer minded his staring and you stared right back, memorizing his features. At the end of a particularly stressful day of being a leader he looks forward to getting into bed the most and on these nights you sense his tension and talk to him, just speaking about your day or even reading a book to him. On these nights, there isn’t always conversation between the two of you and you don’t mind, he finds your voice soothing and it melts all the stress from his day away. On these nights you were his safe place where he can relax.

Being not too big on skinship, Leo’s actions would seem somewhat hesitant and held back, his affection conveyed through frequent but subtle touches that only few would pick up on - even fewer would guess the two of you were together if they judged it by his actions but you knew the reason for his hesitance. When alone with you he no longer holds back, he holds your hands, not just holding but caressing them and takes his time mapping out every inch of your body, it’s only behind closed doors that he enjoys getting lost in the feeling of you. It’s often that he wraps himself around you, your back pressed to his chest as his much larger frame envelops yours and one of his hands always, always, finds it’s way up your shirt to innocently rest on the space at the bottom of your ribs, if you shiver due to his cold hand then he gives a soft chuckle and husky murmur of “sorry” but leaves his hand pressed against your bare skin. You find out a little later that he likes to feel you breathe and finds himself grounded and more at peace when he knows that you’re safe and laying beside him.

When sleeping, Ken is definitely one to cuddle and drape himself over you, sometimes he abandons his pillows all together and instead opts to rest his head on you. He loves to hold and be held and revels in the warmth you give him. You always end up falling asleep completely entangled with one another, if he was the one being held then he’d be almost on top of you, his face pressed into your neck, your hands playing with his hair whilst he talked about his day with you gently carding your fingers through his soft locks to settle him into sleep. You can tell when he’s on the cusp of falling asleep when he snuggles his face deeper into your neck, his lips brushing against your skin as his talking turns into mumbling then that dissolves into his soft snores. During the night, if the two of you shift away from each other, he always finds a way to touch you in some way - whether it be a leg draped over yours or his hand on your side, if he’s not touching you then it won’t take long for him to wake up to find you, confused, groggy and absolutely adorable as he shuffles into the kitchen to tug you back into bed. Somehow in his unconscious state he can’t be at peace unless he’s touching you. (Expansion)

Ravi, although he does love to sleep, comes to bed late but you don’t mind at all, you know how he gets lost in his passion so you can’t find it in your heart to tell him to spend less time on his passion. It’s only when you wake up in the middle of the night and notice he’s not in bed yet you realize that he’s pushing himself too hard and you step in, easing him into bed when gentle murmurs and kisses, hands on his shoulders as you work out the tension that lay on them, feeling his muscles relax under your fingers as you lay down with him, guiding his head to rest on your chest so he can listen to the beat of your heart. Like Leo, he finds himself grounded by you beside him, it allows him to focus on your heartbeat and put everything else on pause while he immerses himself in the moment, melting completely against you once you start humming to him. Over time it grows into something more than just a sleeping habit, whenever he gets into his own head he turns to you to ground him and you welcome him with open arms and allow him to listen to the beat of your heart for however long he needs.

Sweet Hongbin would be a little shy when sharing a bed but after a few moments the shyness would melt away and he’d look forward to the quiet nights he’d share with you. With you he was no longer in front of cameras, no longer did he have to follow a script, no longer was he on stage - though he loved being an idol, it often drained him of energy. With you he could just be himself, he didn’t need to worry about his image, he could relax and live in the moments of domesticity, he could be normal and be your boyfriend. In the peace of the night he would talk with you in his arms, if he ran out of things to talk about he would ask questions like what you wanted to be when you were younger, a pet that you always wanted. Sometimes his questions would be outright ridiculous and you couldn’t help but giggle(“If the members of VIXX were animals what would they be? I think Hakyeon-hyung would be a giraffe and Jaehwan-hyung would be a dolphin.” “What?”). At your laugh his dimpled smile would reveal itself, his eyes would brighten as he watched your expression melt into one of pure love that you held for him, only seeing it for a moment before you place a kiss on his lips and whisper only for him to hear, “I love you, Hongbin”. Later he finds he can’t fall asleep quite as easy unless you whisper those words to him, he can’t find himself to mind as it gives him reason to call you when he’s away, to hear you say those words with the love never fading from your voice.

With his laid back personality, Hyuk doesn’t mind whatever habits you may have when settling into bed but get ready to be drawn into his arms the moment you’re under the covers. He loves to use you as his teddybear when he sleeps, tugging you so your head rested on his chest and he held you close. You’re actually the one who notices his habit of gently maneuvering you into his arms and you make a game out of it every so often, just to see how long you could prolong your nightly routine until he sweeps you up and lays down with you. You find on his sleepier nights he sticks to childish whining for you to hurry up whilst he was already under the covers, but when he’s more conscious he has no issue with picking you up in his arms with you giggling as he carries you to bed and playfully drops you onto the mattress. You don’t really know why he likes to have you draped on top of him so much but you don’t question it, so you never find out that he enjoys having your weight on him as it serves as a reminder that you were real and with him, that you weren’t just someone he was dreaming of, because he often looks to you as if it were by some miracle you fell into his life and had the patience to stick by him despite his life as an idol. It was a simple reminder to him that you loved him just as much as he loved you.

Daily Dad Discussions 15

( Bands present BTS, SVT, EXO, GOT7, NCT and VIXX)


Jaebum : Are you crying?

Jinyoung : No, I’m having an allergic reaction

Jaebum : To what?

Jinyoung : Our motherfucking children.

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Namjoon: Kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute, do you want to test it out?

Seokjin: Are you calling me fat?



Ten : If I was kidnapped, what would you do?

Taeyong : Nothing. Wait 30 minutes until they let you go voluntarily.

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Seungcheol : hey long time no see

Jeonghan : let’s just keep it that way

Seungcheol : I’m only going to say this once so listen carefully

Jeonghan : I’m only going to listen once so say it properly

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Junmyeon : *Looks around at xiuchen, chanbaek, kaisoo and then slams his hands on the table* That’s it I’m tired of being single, you! *points to yixing* We’re in a relationship now.

Yixing : *blushes* Okay

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Taekwoon : *accidentally brushes hakyeon’s hand with his own*

Hakyeon : *agressively holds taekwoon’s hand*

Hakyeon : Fucking commit to it

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Lap Tease: I have combined strip tease and lap dance for this one because I am a genius. Hakyeon loves to dim the lights and sit back while you work the room. He loves being your audience with all of your attention on him. He’ll watch you dance between his open legs while you shimmy out of a dress. His hands coming up your body until you dance away, teasing him further. Hakyeon will want you to be the one to tell him when you’re ready and he’ll leave you dancing until you climb into his lap and whisper “I want you so badly, Take me to bed, please.” into his ear. On the other end, however. Hakyeon will undress very slowly if he even feels like you might be watching him just to tease you into squeezing your legs together because that’s one of his favorite things to see. He thoroughly enjoys performing for you. You are his favorite audience, his most valued critic, the one he aims to please. He will dance like you are his Queen and it is his pride to perform for you. Or should I say, with you. 

Glamor: Oh, Hakyeon loves to see you in something that is fit for the gods. Elaborate lingerie or an expensive gown. It turns him on to see you dress up nicely. Hakyeon will truly love for you to surprise him with this kink. To leave him in the living room while you put on a garter belt. Or, come into the kitchen where he’s making breakfast and slowly pull open your silk kimono. Hakyeon will love the show of your beautiful body and its glamorous accessories.

Reactions: Hakyeon loves to watch and hear you enjoying what he’s doing. He has no issues in taking his time to make sure you’re vocal. Hakyeon can move his fingers over you slowly, looking at your face as he caresses you most intimately. He can read every expression you have and he uses you’re face and sounds to navigate the sexual experience. With a single look into Hakyeons eyes, he’ll know just what you need and soon you’ll be on the bed as he holds you. His hands can move to work you open slowly as you rock softly against him and he’s humming against your neck, “I’ve got you, baby.” Or you can be up against the wall in an instant, you’re need burning through your fingertips as you reach into his hair. “You’ve missed me, haven’t you, love?” He’ll smirk as he pushes his body against yours and you moan against the wall. Hakyeons kisses can be soft and purely meant for teasing or they can be impatient and full of raw desire. There is nothing better than knowing how satisfied you are to him. Whatever you need, Hakyeon can be it and there’s nothing he loves more than playing the part. 


Vocal Control: Taekwoon likes both sides of this kink of his. He likes to lay you down, to tease your body and take you over its limits again and again. He likes to see and feel you shake. All while you aren’t allowed to move or make a sound. Taekwoon loves hearing your suppressed moans come out as whines as he teases every part of you, without stopping. Taekwoon also enjoys you doing this to him. You testing his strength and silence as you taste and tease him. He’ll whimper as you push him to his climax and exhale a deep shaky breath as you deny him. This is something Taewoon would only want in his safest of spaces. It takes a lot before he’s willing for you to see him vulnerable like this. When you do, savor it. There is no knowing when he’ll be ready for it again.

Bondage:  Now, it’s not simply seeing you bound and waiting that turns Taekwoon on, though that is an image he thoroughly enjoys. It’s the art and time of tying you that gets Taekwoons heat racing. Making sure every knot is perfect and forcing his hands to stay steady as he wraps the rope around your wrist and fingers. It will tease him, tease his patience and Taekwoon will love every second of it. He’ll groan or lick his lips when he’s finally done. When he can finally touch you, mark you, fuck you. You are to be the greatest reward for his immaculate work and he will savor every second of it.

Surfaces: Oh, Taekwoon loves the sensation of picking you up and placing you onto a counter. He likes to push his forehead against yours while he jacks himself off. Letting his sounds and hot breath crash against your face as he finds his release. Taekwoon will be drawn to this kink when he’s out of the house. Wondering what you’d look like against the table he’s eating at, possibly bringing you to his fantasy location at a latter time. He’ll pull you to some closed off room and push you against the textured walls. Taekwoon will rarely tell you why he’s brought you where he has. Liking the thought of knowing what he wants while you’re looking around, unknowing of his interests. However, when he does tell you why you’re there, I’ll be the hottest goddamned thing. “I’ve wanted you against this wall for weeks, baby.” “Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to pin your hands against the door.” “I’ve pictured you laying on this desk. With my fingers in your mouth and your legs wrapped tightly around my waist.” Oh! And when he’s felling particularly dominant: “Be a good girl and bend over this counter or me.”


Water: Jaehwans loves to see you in water, watching you bathe or bathing with you is always something so intimately beautiful to him. He also enjoys the drama and risk of performing in water so Jaehwan will always love for you to sneak into his showers. Hot tubs on a chilly night are the perfect scenery for Jaehwan. He’ll slide closer to you, his arm wrapping around your waist as he smiles and brings his lips to yours. Isolation is not a requirement for Jaehwan. He dislikes normal things and loves drama so, he is not against putting you against the brick of your building while rain drips between your kisses. Jaehwan may later take you into the building, laughing as both you rush to the apartment so you can get to bed, or he will rip open your shirt and bury his groan in our cleavage while the wind makes you shake against his lips. 

Scratching: There is nothing that will ever compare to the sting of your nails against his back, Jaehwan craves the sensation of your scratch more than anything. Your nails are the perfect tool to push him over his orgasmic limit. Jaehwan will have no problems in asking or commanding your nails to bite into his skin. However, Jaehwan also likes scratching and using his fingertips to play with you. Teasing his nails over your nipples or pushing his fingertips into your thigh as his other had pets your heat while he’s telling you how wet you already are for him. He’ll love seeing your nails in different colors. Every time you paint them a new one he’ll think about what they would look like going down his back and chest and that will cause Jaehwan to groan as he finds himself needing you. 

Emotional Sex: Jaehwan likes to be sweet and make sure you know just how much he loves you. Slow kisses, nice lighting, soft whispers and gently petting back your hair, a sex scene truly fit for a romantic drama. However, Jaehwan likes drama so much. He likes when you tease him until he snaps. He likes when you push him to his limit and he thoroughly enjoys pushing you to yours. There is something about groaning his desires against your parted lips that drives Jaehwan insane, “Is this what you want, babygirl?”. He likes to roughly pull you close after you’ve made him jealous, he loves to let you know all he can do for you. Over simulating you to make sure you forget whoever it was you were talking to. Jaehwan won’t be against making you jealous or slightly upset so that the sex is hot and rough but don’t worry, he’ll still hold you at the end. Kissing the back of your ear as you fall asleep with the feeling of a smile against your skin. 


Sexual Conversing: There is honestly so much that falls under this for Wonshik. He wants and loves to hear you talk and explain your fantasizes. he’ll listen intently as you lay in his arms or sit in front of him with a fire cracking in the background. Wonshik can quickly get turned on while talking about his own kinks and desires, or even talking to you while you’re having sex or during foreplay. This kink involves questions, ”Do you want me to kiss you, Princess?” “Where do you want me to place my hands?” “How long to you think you can endure my tongue for, baby?” Not just on his end! Wonshik loves to hear you, your voice and every thing you want him to do. Tell him where you want him or how you want him. “Mm, mark my chest, baby.” “I want you to take me against the wall, do you think you can hold me up?” “I wonder how long you can last without moving under my tongue…” If you’re really needy but he’s busy just text him Clue style (“Wonshik. Back room. With a vibrator.”) and he’ll be there as soon as he can get away Bottom line: Talking to Wonshik is the quickest way to turn him on.

Oblivion: You see, it’s the thought of not knowing that defines Wonshik as non compos mentis ( literally not having control of ones own mind). It could be from being bound or blindfolded, but Wonshiks favorite way to experience this kink is for you to completely surprise him. For you to come up behind him and push your body against his and when he turns to smile at you, you’re wearing a wrap or coat. When he leans down to kiss you, you deny his lips and take his hand, pulling him into the next room and sitting him down before slowly stripping off your layers or just mounting him right away. Its the knowledge of knowing nothing that is so hot to him. You could text him a random location and he’d show up. The thoughts of not knowing what you’re planing is so fucking hot to him.

Marking: Wonshik loves to mark you. He loves the feeling of your skin between his lips, he loves the sounds of your moans and cries as he marks you over and over. He loves seeing them afterwards when you’re cuddling or the next day. Wonshik will take his time over your skin, biting or sucking bruises wherever he pleases. He’s a perfectionist so if something doesn’t go the way he wanted he could get angry, rough even. Wonshik also likes when you mark him. Biting or hickeys or scratching - he loves when you scratch him - anything. He enjoys watching you mark him but if his sight is restrained he be extra sensitive to your markings. Groaning harshly as your tongue glides across the little red lines your nails made previously. One of Wonshiks favorite things to do is giving each other love bands. Sucking a garter of bruises across your entire thigh and letting you leave him one on the cuff of his upper arm. He likes knowing that you’ve left him with something and that where ever you may be, there is a garter that was formed around his lips and your moans. 


Eye Contact: Hongbin loves to keep eye contact for as long as possible. During foreplay when he’s pulling you close or laying you down on a counter. He wants you to look at him while he pushes his tip in and when he starts to thrust into you faster. Hongbin will hold your head so you have to look at him and he hates it when you close your eyes or look away. He could get hard by staring into your eyes and fantasizing about what he desires to do to you. There is something so hypnotizing about the way you stare at him and Hongbin will tell you so. “Look at me, Y/N” or “You know I can’t handle it when you look at me like that, baby.” Eye contact is important and Hongbin will find a way to have it in every position. “Don’t look away from me, Y/N.” He’ll practically beg as he lowers his lips into your folds.

Hair Pulling (Giving and Receiving): The feeling of his fingers laced around the base of your hair always gives Hongbin a delicious rush. He loves the feeling of pulling you back by your hair so much and he loves the sounds you make when he does it so much more. Your moans or whines can get him to pull even harder just so he can hear them again. Hongbin can shake from the feeling of your hands entering his hair. He loves when you pet his hair back or when you tug on his locks. He’ll groan against your lips as you play and tease his hair. Its not limited to foreplay so I recommend pulling on his hair right when he’s about to cum, Hongbin will love this. Groaning extra hard when as he hits his climax.

Oral: Hongbin fucking loves the feeling of your mouth. When he’s alone and needy, he’ll touch himself to the thought of your tongue and throat. He loves gripping onto your hair at the sides of your face and slowly pulling you onto his length. Groaning deeply as he enters and savors every sensation of your throat. Hongbin loves you on your knees, looking up at him. He like to tuck you under his desk, laying down a folded blanket and a pillow so your knees don’t get hurt. He’ll roll up in his desk chair and place his tip at your lips while he plays Overwatch. Looking down into your eyes and petting your hair every chance he gets. Bonus points if you can get him to moan or groan while someone else is on the other side of his headphones. 


Volume: Sanghyuks volume kink is a simple one. When he aches for the sound of your voice, he’ll want you to be loud. Sanghyuk loves hearing how good he’s making you feel. He loves hearing how much you love and need him. He’ll want you to scream, to tell the world what you’re doing and who’s doing it to you. He will be loud as well, enjoying the effect of how you react to his praise and promises. Now, Sanghyuk will also love to tease and test your limits. He’ll fantasize about taking you backstage or into an office. He’ll tell you to stay quiet as he does everything to get you to scream. Sanghyuk loves doing and fantasizing about this. About watching your face contort with pleasure and only being able to whimper as his tongue laps over your clit. It’ll be a challenge for Sanghyuk as well, but that will only add to everything. 

Undressing Him: Sweet and simple. Sanghyuk loves when you undress him. He loves watching as you slowly move your fingers around the buttons of his shirt as you gnaw on your lower lip. He loves the feeling of your hand when you rest it on his stomach or chest. Watching you undo his belt will always bring out a groan from him. It doesn’t have to be sweet all the time. Sanghyuk also likes when you roughly undress him. Ripping away his shirt with a groan while he pants on your lips, his hands pulling your waist closer. He loves the rush of your needy hands. Watching as your nails tease his abdomen. Damn he loves to watch you’re nails against him, maybe even more than feeling them mark down his back, and that’s a favorite of his. 

Body Worship (Giving and Receiving): I say giving and receiving but he loves you when worship him a tad more. His favorite thing is if he’s sitting on the sofa and you’re on your knees, petting his dick with your lips. The view is his favorite to receive praise. Sanghyuk will pet back your hair while you suck on him and pause when you praise him to make sure he doesn’t miss anything. “You taste so good.” “Mm, you’re so hard.” “I love the way you mark under my lips.” “I can feel you bulging on my tongue. I love it.” “You’re so hot.” Sanghyuk will always react to you’re words. If you want to get him away from people for some…alone time, the only thing you have to do is whisper into his ear how much you’ve been thinking about his hands on you and he will find a way to be with you that moment. Sanghyuk will praise your body with need and desire. “Fuck, baby. You’re so beautiful.” He’ll say as he pulls you off the wall with a groan. “Hmm, there’s nothing better than your lips.” Sanghyuk will moan as you take him into your mouth. “I want to to see that beautiful body rocking on top of me, baby.” He’ll confess when he’s needy and wants you to come over. 

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i didn't see it on ur masterlist but if it's there and i just missed it ignore this!!! but! could you do the 'where they like to kiss you' for vixx when you have the time? thank u!!!!

find the where would vixx like to be kissed ver (here) 

Hakyeon adores kissing behind your ear, he carefully moves your hair out of the way and brings his lips to the skin there while whispering something suggestive in the lowest, softest voice. It’s the kind of kiss that makes you shiver in Hakyeon’s arms. 

Ken is really playful and he’d love crawling between your legs and kissing your knees and then up your thigh and over your stomach,,,,I don’t think he’d have a favorite place because he’d be so excited to kiss e v e r y w h e r e. Like there’s no part of you that he could choose over another everything’s really perfect for him. 

Leo is so domestic and simple, he’d love being able to kiss your forehead because it’s the perfect gesture that combines affection + trust and also when he pulls you close and kisses your forehead before nuzzling his nose into your hair it just makes everything feel so warm and safe. 

Hongbin loves kissing your neck and collar because Hongbin is a shy kind of lover, but when he’s littering your neck with kisses he doesn’t have to hide that he has this overflowing want for you. Maybe when he pulls back and you ask him to look at you, he gets a little flustered because oh he might have left a mark.

Ravi treats his significant other like royalty so he’d be fond of kissing your wrist and your fingertips because it’s really delicate, but also so intimate. He’d kiss your fingertips than bring your hand up to touch his face while looking into your eyes. It’d be very,,,,,heart stopping. 

Hyuk loves kissing your lips but he’s such a tease about it. He’ll hold you, pressed up against him and tilt his head and you’ll close your eyes but before you feel his mouth on yours he’ll laugh and be like “You look so into it right now, did you get desperate while I was gone?” and you’ll open your eyes and be be like hYUK, but he’ll laugh and swoop in with a breathless kiss before you can scold him. 

VIXX Saying ‘I Love You’

N – Hakyeon is so affectionate and loving with his members you’d think he’d be that way right out the gate with you. Not so. He’d be warm and unbelievably giving, so much so that you may not even realize he’s holding a part of himself back. It’s not like you’d have to scale an emotional wall per se, more like his heart’s tucked away in a secret room waiting until he’s seen enough from you to indicate the sincerity of your feelings. Because if he loves you, it would be intensely and with every fiber of his being. If things don’t work out between you two it’d take him a long time to recover, so he’d want to make sure you’re worth the risk. The first time he tells you would be a conscious decision to do so in a comfortable environment, eyes shining and confident.

Leo – Would be the type to feel those emotions strongly from early on but almost fight against them in an effort to protect himself. Opening up to you, exposing himself and his feelings would be difficult at first. But once he did, hang on because he’d love you deeply and until you gave him a very good reason not to. So initially he’d be a bit reserved with you until he’s decided you return his feelings and are ‘safe’ to express his own. He may even wait to hear it from you first. When he begins touching you more frequently, even little gestures like fixing your clothes, would be the precursor to him confessing to you. That day he’d say the words softly but with conviction. And after opening up his affection and clinginess would increase dramatically. 

Ken – Surprisingly he’d have the most balanced reaction out of all of them. Unlike the others he wouldn’t hide his heart nor get swept away by his feelings. Ken has a gift for being a mood maker but that shouldn’t be confused with being impulsive. There is a deliberateness behind most of his actions and would not be swayed by a rush of emotions. He’s one to ride the wave not be pulled under by it. In the beginning he’d be very flirty and confident, so you’d know right away he was interested, but he wouldn’t extend his sentiments any farther than he truly felt them. When he did drop those special words it wouldn’t be during something super silly or serious. Just one of those moments where he felt it was right to take that next step, and you needed to know where he stood in the relationship.  

Ravi – Some may think he’d fall in love quickly and know it right away. While he’d definitely be aware of being drawn to you he wouldn’t realize his feelings had grown into love for a while. Wonsik loves with his whole heart but doesn’t always express that clearly unless he’s intentionally focusing on it. His mind is always elsewhere, and he can be very internalized. Constantly moving from one thing to the next. Oddly his revelation wouldn’t come when he was away, but when he saw you again after being gone. That surge of joy, of belonging would hit him and he’d get it. Even so he’d think about it first before telling you because he’d want to make sure before saying something prematurely that could end up breaking your heart.  

Hongbin – His sarcastic nature might lead people to believe he’s a cynic, but he’s most certainly not. Bean would be one to fall in love quick and hard. If his feelings were reciprocated he’d get swept up in all those fluttery new romance emotions and declare them as soon as he felt the first stirrings. If you were the type to do the same he’d be walking on air he’d be so happy. They only thing that would hold him back a little would be his shyness, but that wouldn’t last long once the two you started dating. So he wouldn’t wait for some special moment. The two of you could be laughing at a movie or window shopping. As soon as he felt it, he’d tell you and desperately hope you said it back because anything less would sort of crush him.

Hyuk – Sanghyuk doesn’t reveal much of himself emotionally unless he’s under extreme pressure. It’s true he’s playful and gregarious with his hyungs. But he’s very good at hiding his stronger emotions such as fear, worry, and in this circumstance, love. He’d still be experiencing the emotions just not showing them to you right away. Like N, he’d seem fully engaged but still be guarding his heart as he figured you out and how serious you were about him. Once he’s sure he won’t be left out on a limb by himself he’d confess. Because he’s relatively inexperienced he wouldn’t want to make a big production out of it. He’d say it casually while you two were in the midst of doing something else, like he wasn’t holding his breath until you answered.   

Daily Dad Discussions 3

( Bands present - BTS, EXO, GOT7, SVT, NCT, and VIXX)

Seokjin : Dear beloved gathered here today

Suho : This is a meeting. Not a wedding seokjin. Also Why do you get to do the introductions I’m the oldest.

Seokjin : I’m the one who started this and hence get to be the leader :)

Suho : But-

Jinyoung : Do you guys really want to do this right now

Taeyong : Yes let’s welcome our newest member.

N : Hi guys. Thanks for inviting me to these lovely meetings. So what do you guys do here ?

Jeonghan : we throw shade to each other :)

Suho : we bitch about our husbands or in my case the lack of husband.

Taeyong : we also complain about our children. Omg so many children.

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Seokjin : and finally we drink lots of wine to cope up with it all.

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N :

N : sounds healthy

N : count me in :)


This is where you can find the rest of the posts of this series ♡ please let me know your thoughts :))

Daily Dad Discussions

Vixx Reaction ~ When You Suddenly Become Very Clingy/Cuddly

Request: Hihihi! Could you maybe do a Vixx reaction where their cuddly gf is suddenly extra extra clingy for no apparent reason? Thank you~ <3


In all fairness he probably would love it, Hakyeon would enjoy the attention as much as he loves you. 

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Would enjoy a nice cuddle w/ you unless you got too clingy, as much as he loves you; everyone has to have their own little bubble too. ALTHOUGH if you weren’t being clingy and totally suggestive… then Hongbin is totally down (on you).

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This guy would definitely misinterpret this as a “i know what u suggesting baby” move when all you wanted to do was cuddle, so ok what’s really the point in trying unless he wants to cuddle you?  

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Taekwoon obviously isn’t much of a skin ship person and would kind of get uncomfortable if you got too clingy and touchy, but wouldn’t mind a cuddle with you if you asked or suggested

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We all know the maknaes are all little shits, ofc he’ll try something or think something sexual of it as soon as you get clingy. Expect him to be cute for a few moments then a sex lord the next.

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Secretly and lowkey loves it when you become clingy, like he loves it when you cuddle him when he’s tryna work or prepare lunch for you both. He’ll drop whatever he’s doing and cuddle with you because he adores u so much.

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seilace  asked:

hello ~ as expected all of your au's definitely make me feel warm & happy to read ^^ you're working so hard & i'm v thankful !! if you ever have time, please write something for vixx's hakyeon :) i loved all your writing for him soso much

sure! someone wanted friends-to-lovers hakyeon so here he is!
find others: Leo | Hyuk | Ken  | Ravi | Hongbin 

  • you’ve never loved working at the museum more than when your boss introduced your new co-worker and art appraiser, cha hakyeon
  • just from his introduction you could tell he was different, there was this air of elegance but also just a pinch of sarcastic humor that made you delighted to have someone around that wasnt either old or boring or both
  • hakyeon took a liking to you too, from your first conversation you knew there was a friendship blooming - oh you like monet? oh you think those big paintings of rich people aren’t all that great? OH YOU LIKE THIS ONE OBSCURE MODERN ARTIST -
  • it was instant best friends,,,,and tbh aren’t those the best?
  • every morning hakyeon would show up and you’d fill him in on what your boss had complained about now, he would dish out some gossip about other art appraisers, and if anything you would plan to visit a new place for lunch when you could - as a fun, friends thing
  • sitting opposite hakyeon, sharing tea and talking about good books or plays or movies or artist ,,,,,,,, was just so nice
  • it’s like you’d found your creative soulmate, and hakyeon was funny to top it all off!
  • the one time he’d refereed to your boss as having the personality of van gogh’s missing ear you almost damn near lost it (an intern by the name of sanghyuk had laughed so loud it had echoed through the museum for a good minute)
  • but as tourist season was upon you,,,,you found yourself giving a guided tour on which there were a couple very attractive french masters students
  • and hakyeon, who had came in to discuss something with another co-worker in the room, had been roped in when he heard them speaking french
  • “i tried to study it in college!” he laughed beautifully and the students all looked absolutely wooed
  • he spoke a couple of words and you felt unsettled - you weren’t sure why,,,,,
  • their eyes were all sparkling, and you understood them, hakyeon had this influence over others - you were sure to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fall in love,,,,,,,even if it was for a second
  • that’s when you realized,,,,,,oh god you hadn’t fallen in love for a second
  • you’d been falling harder every damn day
  • and seeing him, so comfortable among the presence of other gorgeous people, well,,,,,,,,,,,ouch
  • you looked up only to see that hakyeon was looking at you, he had said something in french and the others had thrown unimpressed gazes at you over their shoulder
  • you tried to hide your nervousness and asked them to rejoin the tour
  • they did so and although you didn’t look at him, you could feel hakyeon’s eyes on you
  • your break came around shortly,,,,you were going to have lunch with hakyeon but decided against it - making a cup of coffee in the break room instead
  • until hakyeon came in, closing the door behind him
  • “did you know i knew a little french?” 
  • you shook your head quietly and he sighed, walking over to you
  • “do you want to know what i said to those students?”
  • your grimaced, shaking your head again
  • “are you sure?”
  • his voice sounded like he was singing,,,,,teasing,,,,
  • “what?”
  • you finally mumbled, staring into the darkness of your coffee
  • he leaned down, mouth close enough to your ear that you could hear his faint whisper
  • “ma pièce d'art préférée est là-bas,,,,,,”
  • you blinked,,,,,, “wh-”
  • “it means, my favorite art piece is over there.”
  • you furrowed your eyebrows and opened your mouth to tell him to stop being so cryptic
  • he just smoothed a strand of your hair and it made your heart feel like it could fall out
  • “i was pointing at you when i said it.”
  • he adds and you swear,,,,hadn’t it been for the fact that hakyeon had kissed you right after - you might have dropped your mug and spilled coffee everywhere,,,,,,,  
Catching Him Watching Porn- Hakyeon, Taekwoon, and Jaehwan

Part of the Catching him watch porn

Part I, Part II

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*vixx on a hike*

hakyeon: it’s beautiful out here today. i love mother nature!

taekwoon, out of breath: MOTHER NATURE’S A WHORE.