I wish to one day be as sassy as Cha Hakyeon.



VIXX reaction - seeing you dressed up~

With pleasure sweetheart~

N: “Oh, ok. woah.. you look beautiful!”

Leo: *tries to keep straight face but fails* *you both blush forever*

Ken: “Who is the lucky person that has such beautiful girlfriend? Yes, that’s me~”

Ravi: “Are you ready to go? Oh.. you..look..different.” *his heart races trust me*

Hongbin: “You should look like this more often! I really like it~”

Hyuk: “Who are you and what did you do to my girlfriend? Just kidding, you’re gorgeous!”

Ok I just wanted to add that don’t take it as you have to be girly and wear makeup to look beautiful, even in their eyes! Tomboy, or you don’t want to wear makeup - trust me, you’re all beautiful~