hakuyruu ren

Magi 30 Days Challenge

Day 24: A character you feel you are most like.

After hours of thinking, I still couldn’t think of any Magi character I feel too related to. However, if I HAVE to pick one, I’m going to choose Ren Hakuyruu. Since I started reading Magi, and way before the Alma Torran arc, I always felt more related or identified to those who were in a fallen state. I truly HATED the concept of “destiny” (I still do even knowing what happened) and the fallen state was something more logical and natural for all characters to follow. So I have to name Hakuryuu, but also Judar, Cassim, Dunya, Mogamett, even Sinbad. I found their action of “falling” very relatable. I choose Hakuryuu because in the Kou arc I realized I kind of projected some of my own frustrations in his actions. I’ve also been beaten to the point I had to return to a humble state and correct my mistakes.