This is for my valentine. I almost lost my brain thinking in what to do for you and I thought the best was Hakuryuu because I knew you when you had this dork all over your blog and it’s like a flashback of the good times when you didn’t want to hit me with a chair. Happy Valentine’s Day Taylor! We could fight and joke about us all the time but in the end we’ll always be tayeffy. I hope you like this and you better appreaciate it because it’s the only coloring I’ve made for this day. Thanks for being my Valentine, I adore you.


Yeah hello. So this happened. I have reached 1600 beautiful followers. l know this is LOOONG over due considering i haven’t made one since , what, 250 followers?? So i now present to you this rushed follow forever. I love all my followers and the people i follow, so check out these blogs! *ps, if you hover over a link, you might find a message. *pps, its not letting me tag all the blogs, sorry!

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officialkuroooohbirds - ohkillua - oyasuumi - a href="http://phanttomhives.tumblr.com/” title=“YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID?!?!?! WHAT SHE DID IS WAHT I LIVE FORRRR she pu t me … me?!?!?! in a …a *whispers* follow forever … YA HEAR ME?!? A FOLLWO FOPREREVVRRR YOU KNOW I LOVE THOSESEEEEEE. so i took upon myself to make a edit of clear for her, and then we stared talking and talking and we became friends hehe. though we havent talked in a while i still love her

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