Hōzuki No Reitetsu MBTI

Hōzuki: ISTJ  (INTJ close second)

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Hakutaku: ESTP

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Enma: ESFJ

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Nasubi: INFP

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Karauri: ESTJ

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Momotaro: ESFJ

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Shiro: ESFP

Kakisuke: ENFP

Rurio: ISTJ

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I’m extremely sad I couldn’t find a gif for Oko on here. But anyway, I had a lot of fun watching this show. It was really difficult, especially since I am the first person to personality type this show, so if anyone has any feedback, let me know! I’ll also update this post in October if need be, because there is going to be a season 2 released then! I’m so excited! If anyone has feedback or recommendations, feel  free to shoot me a message!