After many month of work we are very excited to finally announce all the details and pre-order date of 1/6th scale Berserk Guts collectible! It will be offered for pre-order at threezerostore.com for a limited time beginning on December 14th 9:00AM Hong Kong.  

Berserk Guts price at threezerostore.com is 230USD/1790HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price.

Guts is s created with very close attention to details and features highly detailed costume with armor elements covered with blood and weathering; PU leather belts with various gear; two exchangeable heads and several right hands. Collectible comes with the following weapons: massive “Dragonslayer” sword, Crossbow, Dagger and five Throwing Knives. Guts right arm features seamless elbow joint and comes with adjustable figure stand to display your Guts in different poses.

1/6th scale Berserk Guts collectible details:
*Scale: 1/6th scale
*Height: 12.6” / 32cm
*Highly detailed costume featuring armor with blood and weathering, fabric clothing such as cloak and bandages, and PU leather belts and gear;
*Right arm features a seamless elbow joint;
*Adjustable figure stand;
*Two Exchangeable Heads (standard head x 1pc, Angry expression head x 1pcs);
Collectible figure comes with following accessories:
*Exchangeable right hand (fist, open hand, hand for holding the “Dragonslayer” sword, hand to hold the crossbow handle);
*“Dragonslayer” sword;
*Crossbow (can be attached to the left forearm);
*Five Throwing Knives

You can find nearly 50 images of Berserk Guts in the following album at our Facebook page here.

《烙印戰士》中被禁止提起的「黑色劍士」格斯1:6比例可動人偶將於12月14日早上9時正式於 www.threezerostore.com 接受預購,定價1790HKD/230USD(包括郵遞費用)。

高 大的可動素體配以無縫包膠手臂,背負巨型武器“斬龍劍”;左手安裝了可變大砲的義肢及各種不同武器; 沾滿鮮血和舊化效果的獨特盔甲; PU皮腰帶及豐富的腰包裝備;二個不同表情的像真頭雕及手型。《烙印戰士》格斯配備大量豐富的奇特武器包括:巨型斬龍劍,連射弩,匕首及五把飛刀。完整無 缺地將原著中的「黑色劍士」格斯活現你眼前!


中世ヨーロッパをモチーフとしたダークファンタジーコミックの金字塔『ベルセルク』より、主人公ガッツがアクションフィギュアとして立体化! threezero公式ストア http://www.threezerostore.com/ にて日本時間12月14日午前10時より予約販売開始です。価格は230USD。
1/6スケールで、全高約32cm。衣装は断罪篇の黒い剣士の装備を精密に再現しており、マントやバンデージには布を、そしてベルトや鞘には合皮を使用しています。武器はガッツの代名 詞とも言える大剣「ドラゴンころし」に加え、ダガー1本、投げナイフ5本、そしてクロスボウが付属。クロスボウは左前腕に装着可能な展開形態の物と、折り 畳み形態の物の2つが付属。左義手の指は各関節フル可動となっているほか、劇中同様、手首を倒す事により大砲の砲口が露出します。右手首は差し替え式で計 4種類が付属(開き手、握り拳、剣保持用の手、クロスボウのハンドル保持用の手)。頭部パーツはストイックな通常の表情のほかに、狂戦士として荒ぶる表情 が付属します。
詳細仕様はこちらをご参照下さい: http://www.threezeroblogjp.com/blog/berserk04


Berserk Guts 1/6 Scale - Gecco (PVC Figure)

Now available for pre-order at Kolektakon.com


The Black Swordsman Guts is recreated as a huge 1/6 scale figure.

The powerful stance captures the attitude of the character, his giant sword Dragonslayer resting on his shoulder. His freshly used sword, along with the slain bodies on the base below, create a tense atmosphere.

There are 2 heads included, capturing both glaring and sneering portraits.

The Brand of Sacrifice is carved into the back of his neck. All the textures of the gadgets are sculpted in exacting detail. Details as subtle as the hidden crossbow in the mantle were sculpted with the greatest of care, making no compromises.

The Apostle Spawn cruelly slain, liter the base, a far contrast to the adorable Puck and Behelit hiding inside the swordsman’s pouch helps express the world of Berserk.

【UPDATE】Kamisama Hajimemashita Anime Release Date!

Release of anime for 『神様はじめました』 Kamisama Hajimemashita set for 1st of October 2012!

———- D E T A I L S ———-

Date: 1st of October 2012 (Monday)

Time: 2:05 AM - Tokyo time


Tomoe - Tachibana Shinnosuke

( Benvolio - Romeo × Juliet / Chiaki Yoshino - Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi )


Nanami - Mimori Suzuko

( Himawari Furutani - Yuruyuri )


Mikage - Ishida Akira

( Ryūnosuke Uryū - Fate/Zero / Katsura Kotarou - Gintama )


Kurama - Kishio Daisuke

( Konatsu - 07-Ghost / Yūichi Aizawa - Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle )


Mizuki - Okamoto Nobuhiko

( Io Otonashi - Acchi Kocchi / Seiji Matsuoka - Sakamichi no Apollon )


Ami Nekota - Satō Satomi

( Yukariko Kanoe - Tasogare Otome×Amnesia / Chiaki Takahashi - Sket Dance )


Some of you may be aware that LaLa (the magazine Natsume is published in) recently held a contest to find cosplayers to participate in a photoshoot to promote the release of volume 18, which goes on sale on September 5. The Natsume Yuujinchou facebook page has been posting some behind the scenes photos of the shoot! Here are a couple, you can find more here.


Hakusensha (sculpted by Max Factory) is going to release the figma SP-046 Guts (ガッツ) Berserk Armour Ver. (狂戦士の甲冑ver.) action from the manga/anime “Berserk” (ベルセルク). Bundled with the limited edition of the Berserk manga Vol. 37. Was released in March 2013. Around 160mm tall, 4,553 yen ($38.40).

2016 Berserk Anime to Air This July


The official website for the recently announced anime project based on Kentarou Miura’s Berserk manga has revealed that the TV anime will begin its broadcast this July, during the Summer 2016 anime season. The anime will broadcast on MBS this july during its late night Animeism block and w…