Trip to Japan recap! (Part 1 - The Shoujo stuffs)

Hello all,

I don’t usually post off-topic (other stuff than manga caps or answers to asks) but I thought this might interest some of you. I’ll start with the shoujo manga related stuff and then put the rest in separate posts.

Click here for Part 2: http://utsukushiishoujomangas.tumblr.com/post/164134921428/trip-to-japan-recap-part-2-kyoto-and-nara

Part 3:


Okay to begin with, here’s a poster for a light novel (Cake Ouji no Specialité from Takafumi Nanatsuki). I thought the guy really looked like Kakeru from Orange. And I was right since Takano Ichigo illustrated the covers. xD

I went to a bookstore in Kyoto so here’s some series I recognized. There were a bit more than I took pictures of, but a Caucasian dude was staring at me weirdly as I took pictures. Maybe he was surprised to find a young guy with such interest in shoujo mangas?

Koe no Katachi by Ooima Yoshitoki

Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare by Sakisaka Io

Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet by Yamamori Mika 

Short Cake Cake by Morishita Suu

Takane to Hana by Shiwasu Yuki

Konyakusei by Iwa Chika

ReRe Hello by Minami Touko

Honey by Meguro Amu

Tsubasa to Hotaru by Haruta Nana

Niijiro Days by Mizuno Minami

Aozora Yell by Kawahara Kazune


Other side

Kyou no Kira-kun by Mikimoto Rin

Chihayafuru tie-in snacks!

Koi to Uso ad in the train

Kimi no Na Wa tie-in products at Akihabara

Some detergent with cute shoujo manga-like artwork on them :D

In Ochanomizu (neighborhood to the southeast of Akihabara), I passed by the headquarters of Hakusensha, a magazine, manga and light novel publishing company that has, among other unsavory stuff, Melody, Lala and Hana to Yume (and their deriviatives) magazines under its belt.

Notice the Madara (from Natsume Yuujinchou) plushies and the posters for Fukumenkei Noise (AKA Anonymous Noise) and 3-gatsu no Lion (AKA March Comes in like a Lion).

. (so that users on mobile can see the second picture)

In Harajuku, there were cute billboard ads with shoujo manga-like art. ^^

EDIT: These are parodies on shoujo tropes. xD See: http://utsukushiishoujomangas.tumblr.com/post/164085761818/you-are-right-i-cant-speakread-japanese-i-was








Next we went to Ikebukuro, a neighborhood like Akihabara (in the manga/anime sense), but catering more to the female crowd (shoujo/josei manga/anime, boy bands/male idols, BL/yaoi, butler cafes instead of maid cafes, etc). I personally found Akihabara a bit crude with the maid cafes (there was even a high school girl cafe) and the few adult material shops in the sidestreets, but whatever floats your goat.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There’s also the biggest Animate of all of Japan (or so I’ve heard). Animate is a chain store selling manga/anime merchandise (magazines, manga, anime CDs, figurines, charms straps, posters, cups, clear folders, plushies, doujinshis, you name it).

Here was part of their shoujo manga magazine selection:


Their selection of shoujo mangas were on point, as expected :3



Omg Queen’s Quality volumes on sale! 8D

Too bad I can’t read Japanese… :/

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii art on the elevator wall xD

Sono Voice, Yuuryou Desu ka? by Sanada Hatsune and Amazato Sugar. No scanlations yet I’m afraid. :P


And a sneak peak of what’s inside~

Hope you guys enjoyed it and stay tuned for part 2!

Berserk Creator Reveals He Based Band of the Hawk on High School Friendship
Berserk manga creator Kentarou Miura spoke at the "Hakusensha Sokujitsu Debut Manga Shō" (Hakusensha Same-Day Debut Manga Awards) event on Sunday. Members...

Kentaro Miura recently gave a lecture for aspring manga artists over the weekend at Hakusensha Same-Day Debut Manga Awards. 

More info not mentioned in ANN’s article (via Fakul from reddit)

  • First, he talks about how to get ideas.As examples for getting ideas by combining elements he uses “Girls&Panzer”(Tanks+Club activities), “KanColle”(Pretty girls+morphing into battleships) and “Restaurant to Another World”(Food+fantasy).
  • Then he goes on to explain to keep the advantages and disadvantages of your genre in mind, using isekai as example.
  • In regards to Berserk’s Guts, Griffith is a character who draws out impatience, fighting spirit and loneliness, Puck is “relaxation, laughter and a "seriousness crusher”“, the current Casca is "a character who draws out feelings of guilt, uneasiness and pity”.
  • By arranging the characters with the intention to pull a certain something about Guts to the surface, he becomes a multifaceted protagonist.
  • He finishes with stating to keep a balance between using established molds and coming up with original stuff, as original doesn’t necessary mean good.