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How would Kouen, Hakuyuu, Sinbad, Hakuryuu, and Judar steal a kiss from their s.o.?

Ooh stolen kisses~  ★~(◡‿◕✿)


  • He likes to catch her off guard while she’s doing something and quickly kiss her
  • Or he likes to pretend he’s getting a scroll/book that’s right behind her and lean in and kiss her like that


  • He will catch her in the hallway and just kiss her then run off, he’s a busy man after all
  • Or they’ll be sitting together and he’ll just lean over and kiss her 


  • He likes to steal kisses from her mostly by wrapping an arm around her shoulders or waist and just taking a kiss
  • Sometimes he’ll be resting his head in her lap and will just sit up just barely enough to catch her off guard with a kiss


  • He likes to sneak secretly stolen kisses, if she drops something, he’ll kneel down with her to help her pick it up and sneak in a kiss when no one can see
  • He sometimes also likes to give her a quick kiss if they’re passing by each other


  • He’s up front about taking kisses, he takes what’s his after all. He usually will just grab her shoulders and kiss her
  • Or sometimes he’ll float in the air in front of her, blocking her path and grin right before stealing a kiss from her

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Oooooh, for the SFW A-Z ask meme, can we have Hakuryuu with A, B, C, K, L?


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A- Affection (How affectionate are they?)

Hakuryuu can be really affectionate. Not so much in public, but he’s not opposed to it. But would rather do so behind closed doors in their own company.

B- Breath (what would their s/o have to do to take their breath away?)

Seeing his s/o offer any kind of generosity to anyone. Especially kids, it makes him think of how they would be as a mother/father.

C- Cuddles (How and do they cuddle?)

He enjoys anything comfortably close. Not suffocating, and not too far apart. While cuddling though, he likes to slide down, and he ends up resting his head usually on their chest or stomach, depending on how far he slides down. 

K- Kiss (Are they a good kisser? Do they like to kiss?)

As much as he likes to kiss, he’s really not the best. They’re kind of quick and sloppy. Honestly if he just slowed down, it would make the world of difference.

L- Love (When do they say I love you?) 

Right here!

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The SFW ask memes are so adorable!! L, A, N, E for Hakuryuu, Alibaba, and Titus. Thanks so much!!

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Hakuryuu Ren

A is done here. and L, N are done here

E- Effort (How much effort do they put in?)

It’s kind of scary how much effort he puts in. He really hopes that his s/o can put just the same amount in, but he knows sometimes he can go over the top. As long as his s/o enjoys it though, he doesn’t mind.

Alibaba Saluja

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A- Affection (How affectionate are they?)

Quite affectionate. He feels the best way for them to really know his love for them, is through affection. 

E- Effort (How much effort do they put in?)

He puts in a lot of effort, but he won’t really go above and beyond, unless his s/o did the same. He doesn’t want it to feel one-sided, so his efforts are only going to exceed his s/o my a minimal amount.

L- Love (When do they say I love you?)

Alibaba first said I love you, on the first date. He dropped you off and it seriously just slipped out. Even if he didn’t mean it yet, it honestly came out before he could even think about. He wouldn’t expect you to say it back because it was an accident so he would just walk away with a, “Uhh.. okay see ya’ tomorrow! hahah…” But when he really means it, it would be after the s/o does something that he finds super adorable. It would slip out but it was no accident this time.

N- Notion (What’s something he dreams doing with their s/o?) 

Alibaba really wants to reside somewhere quiet with his s/o. He also wants to get a dog with them, but only after they’ve found a nice place to reside.

Titus Alexius

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A- Affection (How affectionate are they?)

Titus is super affectionate. He sometimes doesn’t have much of a limit either. He wakes up really happy, and so when he sees his s/o’s sleeping form, he kind of throws himself on top of them. If Marga were awake, they would dog-pile on the s/o.

E- Effort (How much effort do they put in?)

Titus would never let their relationship go downwards. He puts so much effort into the relationship, and wouldn’t want to see it go to waste. 

L- Love (When do they say I love you?)

He would feel it quite quickly, so he would say it soon after the realization of the newly found feelings. He wouldn’t say it without truth so, you would know it was real.

N- Notion (What’s something he dreams doing with their s/o?)

Honestly, he’s kinda simple. All he want’s is to live happily with his s/o and Marga. If he has them he already has everything he needs. But he wouldn’t mind having some brothers or sisters around for Marga.