30 Day Otome Challenge - Favourite Bromance
Shinsengumi - It may seem absurd to say a whole group of characters are my BROTP but they really are. There’s something so amazing, so profound about what they stood for in this game, and how hard they fought together to achieve that. Even when they were divided, even though fighting meant dying.

OutOfSword: Remember when I posted a sneak peak of my little art project? Well with the help of namidanosakura, She helped with the horns and hair details, and a lot of stress on my side on trying to make the hair look this good without her. It has been done!!! 

Here is Oni! Souji because in the Meiji verse he is an Oni for reasons that shall be explained in good time. 

I chose to make this picture into the Oni Souji because it is my icon! What is better for a comparison than that!! 


薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章
↳ Playable Character Routes 🌸


Hakuouki SSL ~ Swimsuit Edition ~ Transparent*

* In the interests of truth in advertising, this means I removed the background; the bathing suits are not transparent.

My edits ~ Captions provided

Note: Harada’s hair.  I have a better version, but not transparent.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate all their sincere, beautiful and happy smiles.

Everytime I see this episode [ep. 08] I feel happy, since in the game we almost never got to see Chizuru dressed like that, except in some route. It’s awesome to see her smile like that, it melts my heart!

I like how they all reacted at that jaw dropping beauty that she is :’) it’s kinda cute to see them all smile together, especially after finishing the game/anime series, it feels somehow nostalgic…

I can’t stop thinking about how they could’ve “escaped” that war, about how they could’ve save themselves and live an happy life…but of course it wasn’t possible.

I feel like Harada in the game was the luckiest and nicest of them all, even if my favourite is Hijikata. Don’t know why I feel that way, but it makes me kinda sad.

Well… I love them all.

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