The Shinsengumi had faced many challenges, but always with their heads high and their hearts strong.

Kind and gentle Kondu.
Stern but sincere Hijikata.

Okita, who was brave even in sickness.
Earnest and faithful Saito.

Harada, the man who always had a kind word for his friends.
Cheerful Heisuke, who’d always given me courage.

Nagakura, a man of indomitable spirit.
And Sanan, who had risked everything to continue the fight.

This was it. This was farewell.

Somewhere far away, I could hear their voices…


30 Day Otome Challenge - Favourite Bromance
Shinsengumi - It may seem absurd to say a whole group of characters are my BROTP but they really are. There’s something so amazing, so profound about what they stood for in this game, and how hard they fought together to achieve that. Even when they were divided, even though fighting meant dying.


薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章
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