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Hakuouki Sekkaroku Episode 6: Dance of the Snowflakes

All infamous fan smacks aside, I actually feel that this conversation is a good deal more entertaining overall. At the very least, it provides one more canon interaction between Kazama and Sen for me to use as reference, and I’m always down for more of those.


Favorite Show Meme - [1/6] Scenes

↳ Health Inspection

Shinpachi: “What do you think? This body of mine was forged and forged again through the sword arts.”

Heisuke: “Yeah, Shinpachi’s body is strong and tough. If you ask me, it’s his head that needs looking at.”

Shinpachi: “Talk like that I’ll strangle ya Heisuke!”

Matsumoto: “Shinpachi Nagakura is.. Okay, no problem. Next!”

Shinpachi: “Hey Doc, what do you mean? You gotta give me a better look than that!”

Matsumoto: “No I don’t. You’re the picture of health.”

Harada: “Shinpachi! There are others behind you, so hurry and move your ass!”

Shinpachi: “That ain’t what I mean. There are other places you could check out right?”

Saito: “These checkups are for him to look at us, not for you to show off. Hurry up and just move.”

List 10 of your Favorite Characters

Rules: ONE PER SERIES/FANDOM and then tag 10 people

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1. Sebastian Michaelis- Kuroshituji (Black Butler)

2. Shu Sakamaki- Diabolik Lovers

3. Saitou Hajime- Hakuouki

4. Shin- Amnesia

5. Yato- Noragami

6. Rahzel Anadis- Hatenkou Yuugi

7. Xerxes Break- Pandora Hearts

8. Yashiro Isana (Adolf K. Weismann)- K

9. Neuro Nōgami (the one on the right)- Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

10. Inga- Un-Go


Favorite Characters Appreciation - (In no particular order)

Shinpachi Nagakura (Hakuouki)

“Unlike Kondou-san or Hijikata-san, it was never my dream to become a samurai in the first place. Devoting my life for some lord, not of my own choosing, just doesn’t sit well with me. No matter what, I never want to think ‘man I wish I would’ve done that’. I hope you can understand.”


Favorite Show Meme - [3/6] Scenes

↳ Western Style Makeovers

Chizuru: “Why are you dressed up like that?”

Harada: “Hijikata-san’s orders. He ordered everyone to put on Western clothing, unless they’re stuck on wearing their traditional garb.”

Heisuke: “It’s unnerving how light this is, y’know?”

Chizuru: “Heisuke-kun too? You look like a different person.”

Heisuke: “This outfit’s tight and stuff..”

Harada: “All of our foes will be in Western garb. These clothes are better suited for Western style fighting than our old uniforms.”

Shinpachi: “You said it. This’ll make life easier when we’re firing guns.”

Harada: “But all these buttons are a complete nightmare. And this tight collar is killing me..”