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Hakuouki Sekkaroku Episode 6: Dance of the Snowflakes

All infamous fan smacks aside, I actually feel that this conversation is a good deal more entertaining overall. At the very least, it provides one more canon interaction between Kazama and Sen for me to use as reference, and I’m always down for more of those.

Man, your whole life is a joke, so whenever you claim to ‘joke,’ how would she know it’s a joke? Watch what you say, you dumbass.
—  Harada to Shinpachi when Shinpachi suggests that Chizuru try to pump Ryouma for information on his ties to Tosa and then claims he was only joking XD

Saito’s Petty™ Moment #2: Sassing Souji

Remember when a stray cat wandered into the Shinsengumi headquarters?

Souji: Stop moving your damn mouth and move your feet instead! Run!

*Yamazaki joins in helping them capture the cat*

*Yamazaki assumes the cat is Souji’s and tries to scold him for it*

*Souji talks back*

 and then…

Saito: Souji. You seem to have time to argue… Move your feet instead.

I live for Sassy Saito’s™ passive-aggressive side. Especially when it shuts down the Captain of Mischief™.


Favorite Show Meme - [1/6] Scenes

↳ Health Inspection

Shinpachi: “What do you think? This body of mine was forged and forged again through the sword arts.”

Heisuke: “Yeah, Shinpachi’s body is strong and tough. If you ask me, it’s his head that needs looking at.”

Shinpachi: “Talk like that I’ll strangle ya Heisuke!”

Matsumoto: “Shinpachi Nagakura is.. Okay, no problem. Next!”

Shinpachi: “Hey Doc, what do you mean? You gotta give me a better look than that!”

Matsumoto: “No I don’t. You’re the picture of health.”

Harada: “Shinpachi! There are others behind you, so hurry and move your ass!”

Shinpachi: “That ain’t what I mean. There are other places you could check out right?”

Saito: “These checkups are for him to look at us, not for you to show off. Hurry up and just move.”

Saito’s Petty Moment #6: Playful Saito

Remember when everyone was discussing who the Chizuru look-alike could’ve been?

Souji: Maybe it’s that girl you met while conducting rounds with Heisuke. Wasn’t she Nagumo Kaoru? She looked just like you.

Chizuru: But that’s not enough evidence…

Heisuke: I didn’t really think so. After all, she was dressed like a girl.

Saito, casually: Why don’t we put her in girls clothes to confirm it?

Serious Saito™ should let Playful Saito™ show himself more often, hehe.

Bonus! (their reactions towards Saito’s comment)

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Tag game once again

Yay @soujthings​ thanks for the tag :)

Rules: write your 10 favourite female characters from 10 different fandoms and then tag 10 different people.

And.. wow this made me realize how many of my usual “favorite characters” are males. I have only like 5 clear favorite female charactes. Not that I don’t like female characters but the same fandom has often many great females, therefore I don’t have favorites simply because I don’t want to choose(like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood). But here goes:

1. Fa Mulan - Mulan (probably my all time favorite fictional character but rest of these are in no particular order)

2. Yona - Akatsuki no Yona

3. Eliza - Hamilton (musicals count as fandoms right?)

4. Honda Tooru - Fruits basket

5. Yukimura Chizuru - Hakuouki

6. Ciri - Wither 3 Wild Hunt

7. Mikasa - Shingeki no Kyojin

8. Sophie - Howl’s Moving castle

9. Zelda - Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of time, Wind Waker)

10. Aliisa - Moomins

So the tags… Sorry if you have already got tagged, feel free to ignore this: @hakuokifirst @childofdemon @kurokiorya @filliteapot @sabinasanfanfic @shell-senji @very-x-vice @kawaiisakuraoni @hakusaitosan and for the sake of it, @mulanxiaojie

List 10 of your Favorite Characters

Rules: ONE PER SERIES/FANDOM and then tag 10 people

I was tagged by: @dio-number-one-waifu Thank youuuu~

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1. Sebastian Michaelis- Kuroshituji (Black Butler)

2. Shu Sakamaki- Diabolik Lovers

3. Saitou Hajime- Hakuouki

4. Shin- Amnesia

5. Yato- Noragami

6. Rahzel Anadis- Hatenkou Yuugi

7. Xerxes Break- Pandora Hearts

8. Yashiro Isana (Adolf K. Weismann)- K

9. Neuro Nōgami (the one on the right)- Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

10. Inga- Un-Go

Saito’s Petty Moment #10: The Introduction of Sassy Saito

Remember when Saito killed all the furies before Souji?

Souji: “And here I was, planning to take care of them all on my own. Couldn’t you have picked another day to work so fast, Saito?”

Saito: “I only did my job. Unlike you, I take no pleasure in battle.”

Souji, laughing it off: “Well that’s not a very nice thing to say.”

Saito: “…You don’t even bother to deny it.”

*Saito sighs*

Poor Chizuru, this is what she’ll have to put up with. sassy saito is just as great as playful saito if i do say so myself