if Chizuru ever dressed up
  • Okita: That lipstick isn't red enough for your dress.
  • Chizuru: This is the reddest shade I have!
  • Okita: But it's DARK! You need RED!
  • Chizuru: ...Now I'm self-conscious about my lip color...
  • Okita: Well, I can take it off for you if you want. *wink*

The time is 12:13am. Sano is sitting in Shiranui’s driveway, waiting for him to get the hell out of his car and go inside. They’ve been hanging out in awkward silence for like, five minutes now, and this tension is beginning to get uncomfortable. “Look, unless you’re gonna proposition me or something, you should leave,” says Sano eventually. “I don’t have all night.”

It’s more a challenge than an invitation, but Shiranui just grins. He should’ve prepared better for this, but he can’t help that now. Effortlessly bending the laws of physics, he sinks to one knee on the passenger-seat floor. “Harada whatever-the-fuck-your-given-name-is,” he says, miming opening a box. (“It contains a condom,” he adds as an aside.) “Wanna bang?”


Some Hakuouki faces!
This is a Disney art style study that I enjoyed a lot. I tried to give each character special features to emphasize their personalities, so I hope it turned out well. At least I’m quite glad with the result :D

Finaly my exams are over and I’m able to breathe again! Don’t have a lot of time for art now, but still my favourite guys kept me company through this rough couple of weeks c:

Also I’m super inspired about Hakuouki fandom, so if you want to chat and discuss something don’t hesitate to use messages and ask, I really want to make some new friends *_*

wagakki band -  senbonzakura
wagakki band - kishikaisei
hans zimmer – the attack


How many times has it been, that I’ve watched the cherry blossoms in here. Everything changes with time. World affairs, ideologies, and even… the Shinsengumi. I precisely believe in those things that do not change.