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              It was confusing at first when the door

              would be opened to emptiness. When 

              had Haku slipped past him? But there 

              were not many places to h i d e so the

               next place to check would be the bedroom.

               Much to the blue haired male’s confusion 

               with what is presented.       “Is something 

               wrong?” The question is asked with care 

                and curiosity.      “Are you ready to go?”

Caged Bird


When heard that he was being investigated, Ichigo had wanted to laugh. He had the entirety of the Karakura Police Department in his back pocket, there was no reason for anyone to be looking into him. That was until the little rat had been caught prowling in the yard. 

Ichigo had dragged the man by the hair into one of the basement rooms, locking himself in there with a solid steel bat in hand. Caramel eyes were as hard as diamond as he paced in front of the young man tied to the chair. 

“I don’t know why you thought that you could get away with trespassing on my territory or what makes you believe that you’ll ever publish whatever bullshit you’re searching for. This farce ends today and I’ll make sure to it that your investigation never sees the light of day. You’re not even worth throwing to the dogs,” he growled. 

Raising the bat, he tightened his grip on the handle. “Give me one good reason I shouldn’t bash your fucking brains out.”

@hakuoh​ || cont’d from here

Levi just chuckled as Haku ignored him. He was too occupied with other thoughts running through his head at the current moment to even give a single fuck about the other customers in the store.

“Leviiiii come on, it’s obvious he doesn’t wanna join and I wanna go home already. Pleeeease?” Eren whined behind him.

The raven looked at the brunet and back to Haku before shrugging. “Alright alright Bright Eyes, we can go home. But Haku…”

Levi leaned over the counter to whisper into the other’s ear, “We’re gonna be up all night, so if you wanna have a fun night out you know where to find us.” He gave the albino one last wink before heading out the door, practically running.


I love this amv because of reasons 8l Soooooo anyone like duel Masters?….Ever heard of it? No,just me?….okay 8l

Also this song makes me think of IV,because of other reasons~