Aramaki Yoshihiko Twitter Post 05.27.2015:

A Day with Souji and Hajime-kun.
Featuring Heisuke

Okita Souji voiced by Aramaki Yoshihiko
Saitou Hajime voiced by Hashimoto Shouhei
Toudou Heisuke voiced by Ozawa Ren

In the series of posts that are making me die from adorable here’s the second video of the boys being silly with puppets. (I literally cannot remember where the first one went off to >_<;;;)

If you would like to know what’s being said, here ya go:

Souji: Oh, Hajime-kun and Heisuke, heya!
Saitou: Souji
Heisuke: Souji!
Saitou: Come here for a moment.
Souji: Huh, aren’t you guys kinda small?
Saitou: You’re just huge Souji. 
Souji: GLOMP!
Saitou: Souji!
Heisuke: Souji?!


Ikeda Junya Twitter Post 05.27.2015:

Last night I went to see the musical Hakuouki Reimeiroku.

There was a bunch of previous cast members.

There’s so much I want to say. But it’s more than I can say in just 140 characters… so I’ll just say this. It was cool. The Hakuouki [spirit] within me went to heaven peacefully. Thank you. Do your best!

Sorry, I lied about going to bed but I was waiting for this.