haku family

“Oliver attempts to keep a level-head as 2p Japan figures that this fic would be better if there were more yaoi orgies in it.”

based on this video: Oliver Writes a Fanfic - feat 2p Japan by: opperationpecan

I sometimes watch several videos to get drawing ideas… then I stumbled upon this YT account that made a lot of hetalia skits. Wonderful sketches/skits I should say. Check them out!!
Also, I like their 2p!Japan headcanon.


A gift of tears to the Haku family. To be honest, it captures the Hakuouki sorrow pretty damn well.


There is so much love on the dash and floating around; I have never seen a more glorious thing.

I just want to say I love you all. A lot. I’ve known some of you for a while now, and I don’t mean stalkerwise, and others I’ve just met. But you all are fabulous, beautiful, kind, wonderful people who deserve all the love and happiness in the world. I may play a rude bastard who likes to shoot people in the face, but I’m always here for you guys if I can be of any assistance.

In the meantime, I send an ocean of love and best wishes.

Whenever pessimism kicks in about my words and Rp skills as Shiranui, I always crawl into my inbox over there and read the kind messages everyone left me. 

I love the Haku family immensely. I wish I could explain how awesome you guys are and how wonderful it is that everyone is like a family. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for always cheering me up – and, of course, the frequent heartbreaks from feels for dead people.

But I love you guys. Always have. Always will.

Y'know… every family has that one big sister or cousin or someone who likes to mind fuck everyone else in the family just for giggles.

That’s Ochi.

It’s taken me a bit to realize this. But that’s Ochi.

And my brain will never be the same