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The Two Of Us || Min Yoongi

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Word Count: 2.3k

Genre: Angst

Happiness was something you couldn’t afford. It was something that only the lucky got and somehow you turned out to be just another unlucky fool. Happiness was overrated anyways. All it meant was that you got to live your life without trial and error, without pain, without hurt, and god you wanted that so badly. All you wanted was for a chance to be happy, and not feel the ache in your chest that you felt now.

There was the thought, that maybe you never would be happy. Maybe you were destined to live a life of loneliness and pain, and never overcome it despite how hard you tried. Maybe you were never supposed to make it over the mountain and just continue falling down like you had been your entire life.

You thought for a while, that there was finally an end to the pain, and you had found it in a man named Min Yoongi. Everything with him had been perfect. Nights and days were meaningless to both of you as you had each other. Everything you ever needed could be found in one another, and that was how the both of you lived during your relationship.

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Pompeii 23


There was no way she couldn’t feel the magic of the marks on his neck. There was energy there, crackling and alive. Veins of black were growing out of the puncture wounds and spreading away from the site like spider webs. Sakura watched it move and the rate at which it spread was frightening.

She turned her watch over, feeling the tic of every second and measured the spread. She put her brain to work and did the math faster than she ever had in internship. She didn’t know how to counter to toxins but if Chiyo took more than 530 seconds the black lines would be at Haku’s heart. Would she make it in time? How many minutes…?

She had to buy him time, she had to slow down the spread or halt it until Chiyo showed up. What was driving the venom was more than just natural flow. Haku was a merkin, one of the mermaid creatures, his blood didn’t filter so fast. This spread was driven by the curse.

Sakura reached for the magic at his neck, sensing it like a cloud of gas almost. She touched the bite and it was like falling, going into the curse. She stumbled, grappling for purchase in the darkness before it bled away and she was back in the room again. The room was the same but the color was faded to the point of barely being even there and darkness still ate at the edges of her vision.

Sakura saw Zabuza frozen in his seat and then there was Shizune moving in slow motion to where the older man was non responsive. She was moving so slow, like she was caught in a time stream twice removed from hers. Shizune hadn’t see Sakura yet, but Sakura wondered what the woman would have seen if she turned and looked.

Sakura looked back to Haku and saw the darkness around his body. There was a black coil there, wound loosely around his body. It was growing around him, swelling and twisting to wrap itself more securely around Haku’s form. Sakura watched it move, becoming thicker and longer.

It moved like a snake.

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Spirited Away is one of the most popular animated (and Ghibli) movies of all time and in that movie Haku is a 1000+ year old being despite looking like a teenager. He even kind of acts very mature in relation to Chihiro, whose whole story is apparently about her growing up. And yet almost everyone who watched it otps Haku/Chihiro and I'm pretty sure most antis who have seen it do so, too. Antis, Haku/Chihiro is now off limits because according to you, Haku is a 1000+ year old pedophile /SARCASM


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the nubes montem species are based off of haku from spirited away, very obviously:

heres a nubes montem

and heres haku

like haku, the nubes montem can fly!! they dont have wings but they still fly through the air in the same elegant, whispy way

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am i the one who gets strong haku-from-chihiro vibes from caretaker chara? man did that kid give me the creeps...

There is certainly a visual similarity!

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I don’t remember Haku stabbing anyone though.

Natsume Yuujinchou x Spirited Away

Quick Sketch of this lil’ crossover of mine

At this point, I think Haku would very much dislike Natsume due to his ownership of the book of friends. In that way, taking names makes him similar to Yubaba. He won’t let Natsume explain himself long enough to get that he’s trying to give those names back (Not that he could in this Au). And quite possibly, there is a chance Haku knew Reiko when his river was being developed, and lost his name to her. The appearance of someone similar can def. set off memories Haku didn’t know he had lost. As Sen serves as a freeing force for Haku, Natsume can serve a tie to the life he’s trying to escape. While Sen heals his heart, Natsume’s very existence rips it up again. While Reiko may never have used his name against him, the loss of power that goes along with losing his name can very well be another reason he lost himself to Yubaba.

Title Text me when you Land

Series Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic [ Disclaimer ]

Verse AU

Ship } [ Pre-existing ] Hakuryuu / Judal

Summary K ] Currently I’m stuck in an airport so I chose to write about Judal, who is also stuck in an airport. ( Fair warning this is pretty senseless fluff. )

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The fact there was someone strange in his city was not the weirdest thing about them. New arrivals were common, Shinjuku station had a remarkably high level of foot and train traffic, tourists liked the area, and sometimes Angels popped in for a visit, or those from other worlds because well, world hopping landed you in some strange places sometimes.

The weird part was that, somehow, the soulless entity now walking the streets of his city wasn’t a black hole of a lack of anything that made up everything on the world. They were just… present, Music going through them like they weren’t even there. It was downright bizarre, and without a Soul Haku couldn’t gauge power levels or Vibe.

He opted for the direct approach, walking straight up to the person with no soul. They looked human enough, but so did Haku, so did all the other Composers and the Angels. Appearances were more routinely deceiving than one would think, even if Haku couldn’t keep all of his confusion off his face.

“Who exactly are you?” Because asking ‘what’ someone was quite out of the blue was very, very rude.

Open Were-Agent Hakuba (can do multipule rps from this start~)

Hakuba panted as he ran across the street. He needed to hide! He could still hear them chasing him. It was pure luck he was able to escape from the cell he got shoved in thanks to a very stupid lackey who had likely found himself at the end of their bosses gun. But that didn’t mean they were willing to let their prize run away. Not when it was so close…

He growled feeling his body starting to burn up. The moon was going to be up any time now and if they still had all that silver laced stuff even if he ran as fast as he could just one thing could hit him and he was caught.

Desperate and feeling parts of his body burning like the base of his spine and his feet he put out a burst of speed and turned onto a back gardens wall. Without breaking pace Hakuba leaped as he ran at the wall grabbing the top and pulling himself over. He easily made it over the top but his body was wreaked with a bolt of pain and he winced in the air coming crashing to the floor on his side curling up from pain. Fortunately he heard the feet of his pursuers caring on and running further down the road but he was left on the floor of someones garden with a rapidly changing body as the full moon started to shine down and he could only beg that no one was in.

Sasuke Rant: Does Sasuke care? (Ch. 680)

I’ve seen a lot of controversy lately on whether or not Sasuke cares. I’ve seen plenty of people say he does care and I really have problems with that argument. I’m going to put my two cents on why I think Sasuke doesn’t care about T7 and the only care he has is towards Naruto, even if it’s a little.

Just to let you know, I am a Sasuke fan. SasuNaru is also my major brotp and I love the original T7 bond. Whatever I say after doesn’t change this.

Now let’s look at Sasuke. He started out in Part I just focused on his goals; friends or comrades slowed him down. But throughout Part I, he developed care for them to the point he would thrown down his life for them. Just like he did for Naruto against Haku and while facing off against Gaara. He said he was going to protect them from Gaara by justifying he couldn’t watch his comrades die in front of him again.

Then things went bad after he saw Itachi. Sasuke decided that he couldn’t have friends or comrades and what was most important was killing Itachi so he left and cut off ties to the village.

There’s something about Sasuke I want people to understand. That wasn’t an easy decision for him. People are so quick to write off Sasuke not giving a crap about T7 even back then by the fact that he left and then ignore how conflicted he was. T7 was the closest thing to family he had; they filled up the hole his Clan’s destruction left. That’s what T7 was: Sasuke’s family. Naruto and Sakura were like siblings to him which was what he needed. He really did care about them in his own way.

However, Sasuke is not the same person he was back then. All of the characters went through changes and Sasuke is no different. Measuring Part II Sasuke completely with the standards of Part I Sasuke is bound to bring a lot of misunderstandings to who he is now.

After the time-skip, something happened to Sasuke in regards to T7. He’s much more cold and hardly bats an eye to Sakura or Naruto’s desire to bring him back in the 1st T7 reunion. Sasuke scarcely acknowledges Sakura and even attempted to seriously hurt her when she charged him. He tried to kill Naruto as well, but the difference is Sasuke actually acknowledges Naruto and responds to him far more, even if it’s not positively.

At this point, I feel Sasuke cut off most ties to T7 by his behavior in that reunion. However, IMO, it wasn’t necessarily gone completely. Somewhere deep inside he still remembered T7 and that he didn’t forget about them, even though it didn’t impact his life like it once did. 

Sasuke caring about T7:

Team Taka made him remember T7 because of all they do for him and this was even after he decided to destroy the village. I never took this scene as Team Taka replacing T7. Team Taka will never mean as much to him as Team 7 did, but he did bond with them too.

However, after killing Danzo and being driven into psychopathic evil, something inside Sasuke snapped and is still snapped. He showed no regard for practically anyone of T7. He swore to kill them and destroy the village. He had no conflict, not even a flicker (and a flicker of emotion that isn’t apathy from him actually means a lot ). The T7 bond was practically destroyed for Sasuke at that point and the only bond he still has is with Naruto.

Sasuke’s reaction to Sakura:

(Sorry, SS Fans)

Sasuke’s Reaction to Kakashi:

Sasuke’s Reaction to Naruto:

The only one that Sasuke acknowledges in his psychopath state is Naruto. He not only listens to him when Naruto does a VotE rehash when they clashed and stayed to hear what he had to say despite how Obito tried to get him to leave, but he also agrees to not destroy the village until he fought him.

I know Sasuke dissed on Naruto the most and threatened to kill him the most; that’s exactly why his bond with Naruto is still alive. Sasuke does have a great deal of hatred for Naruto, but a large part of that is because he gets under his skin. Naruto gets to him in ways no one does (beside Itachi) and he hates it because he’s stubborn and in Sasuke’s POV, if he allows Naruto to “change” him, he’ll lose his detached drive. He doesn’t want to change. Killing Naruto is a way of proving to himself he doesn’t care and that he can do whatever he wants. I still don’t think this justification changed even now in the recent chapters.

However, even I don’t think he cares too much for Naruto yet. It’s enough to give hope for Sasuke’s redemption and enough to notice a difference, but he still doesn’t particularly appreciate Naruto; he still wants to kill him when this is over. He does care for Naruto a little somewhere tho, even if it’s extremely warped, ambivalent, and mixed with his hatred of him.

Which is more than I can say about his bonds with Sakura and Kakashi. Nothing is there at his point. You can argue all the evidence I showed by saying “oh he wasn’t himself then” but you forget how recent that was. In the manga Sasuke decided to protect the village and be Hokage in one frickin day. He literally was planning on slaughtering everyone, including Sakura and Kakashi, that same morning and you still expect him to bounce back from being evil and “care” like nothing happened? I don’t see any understanding of Sasuke’s character if you truly believe that, whether you’re a fan of him or not.

And, just like it should, the manga’s been showing that. Sasuke is cold and unfazed at Sakura getting stabbed in 676, not showing a hint of concern. Sasuke puts down Kakashi  for trying to ask for information because he’s apparently “useless” (a lot more blunt than usual btw), and then we have Sasuke just this chapter be willing to let Sakura and Kakashi die if they need to be saved again because he doesn’t want distractions from taking down the enemy. Even Akatsuki Sasuke wasn’t that cavalier.

“Sasuke’s tsundere, Sasuke cares deep down.” NO. HE DOESN’T. I’m sorry, SS shippers and other Team 7 fans, but it’s not there. The only one Sasuke is arguably tsundere for and actually cares deep down is with Naruto. SasuNaru shippers/brotp fans are the only ones who have real backing for that.

Please tell me how “Sasuke’s always been like this, he always hides his feelings for his friends, he cares about his comrades” is consistent with THIS:

When it used to be THIS:

I don’t understand why this is so hard, especially for SS fans, to grasp. So what if Sasuke doesn’t care about Sakura?  He’s not supposed to care. Kishi makes Sasuke this uncaring and messed up so his redemption will be more meaningful at the end. I don’t like Sasuke’s actions either, but I’m not going to twist what’s right in front of me. Saying the “you care deep down” argument only works if there’s small, brief signs of it. Sasuke’s like that with Naruto, but not with Sakura and Kakashi.

Trust me, Sasuke will care again. The set-up of 680 and the entirety of Part II supports it. I think the purpose of all these T7 interactions will come back to Sasuke and he’ll remember how much happier he felt with them before he left, but not now. Don’t try and tell yourself it’s that easy just because you’re a SS shipper or that you miss the old Team 7. The fact he’ll care for Team 7/possibly join T7 again is better than not caring forever.

Sasuke is the type of character who subjects himself to loneliness and detachment out of ambition/pride. He still thinks bonds make him weak so he either severs/tries to sever them or avoids them. He doesn’t think he needs them or even wants them. However, Sasuke does need them because he needs familial and friendship bonds. Like I said, Naruto and the rest of Team 7 are the closest thing to family he’ll ever get; he just doesn’t see it yet.  

I really shouldn’t have had to type out this long rant with manga panels to point out something this obvious, but apparently people still don’t get it. Since I really hate when fans misunderstand Sasuke’s character so horribly (whether they’re a fan or a hater), then I guess I just had to spell it out.

Stealing What’s Mine (One-Shot) Haku

A anon requested this! I hope you like it! Sorry it’s short!

I sighed as I looked over the last page of my ‘Princess Training’ book. After months and months of training , I’m finally ready to take on the roll as the Princess of Rapier.

“Looks like you’re finally done.” Haku had came in my room without on knocking, although it was better to knock, Haku preferred not to.

“Yeah.. I’m glad it’s over-”

“Princess Luna!” Richard popped his head through the door, his face bright with happiness.

“There’s going to be a royal ball held for you! And Prince Jeffrey will be there too!”

Haku’s expression suddenly became dark, “Prince Jeffrey.. He’s a womanizer. You shouldn’t get to close with him.”

I stood up from my desk and placed a hand gently on Haku’s shoulder, “You know your the only one for me, right?”

Haku’s cheeks turned crimson and he nodded, “Yeah.. I know I have nothing to worry about.”

He caught my chin, peering into my eyes. A smirk formed upon his lips and he gradually leaned in for a tender kiss.


Then we realized that Richard was watching our passionate scene and we quickly pulled back.

“I will honestly think..”

Richard adjusted his glasses, “Haku and you are a good couple.” He said and briskly walked away to attend to other matters.

“That’s not something you hear everyday..” Haku was as surprised as I was.

~Night of the Royal Ball~

“Your highness, you look amazing!” Richard squealed like a school girl as he watched me spin in the mirror.

This dress is itchy though.. It’s a pink colored dress with high heels. Haku has to patrol inside tonight so I hope I will get to see him, he’s my boyfriend after all.


I stood at the ballroom doors with my biological father, the King of Rapier, King Ando. “You look marvelous darling. I’m so proud to be your father.” He held his arm out to me and I took it as a princess would.

“Thank you father.”

“Please welcome the King and Princess of Rapier!”

The doors opened and everyone cheered as we walked in, I waved as I was taught too and I saw Richard gives me a thumbs up from the side lines.

Finally when the commotion calmed down, Prince Jeffrey came up to me with two glasses of wine.

“Your highness you look absolutely amazing.” He smiled and offered a glass.

I took it gracefully and greeted him kindly, “Why thank you!”

I took a sip of the sparkling wine as he started to talk to me, more and more. As our conversations went on, I noticed Haku starting to get closer and closer, with a agitated look on his face.

“So whaddya say Princess? Will you be my fair maiden?” He asked as we danced, he stopped and kneeled down to me, a serious look in his eyes.

“Sorry, she’s my fair maiden.” Haku came by and sweeped me off my feet, twirling me around, bringing me back again.

"What?! A filthy knight has your heart? Why don’t you go with a man that can actually please you?” We had now caused a commotion making everyone stare at us.

“Over time I fell in love with Haku, he’s the only man I need not you.”

He looked as if he had saw a ghost and then there was a burst of laughter which eventually caught on till all the upperclass women and men were chuckling at the friendzoned male.

“Now let’s get out of here, Luna.” Haku smirked right as the lights went out.

Everyone gasped and I felt myself being carried by Haku. We are headed straight towards a window?! I closed my eyes shut, ready for impact.

But it never came? I opened my she’s and realized we were on Dragon.

“H-Haku!” I couldn’t protest before we took off.

“It’s a knights job to protect his protect his princess right? I’m just doing my job!”

He was right, it is his job. I wonder where he’s taking me though. Soon enough we arrived at a field full of luminous flowers, lit by the bright full moon.

Haku gently helped me off and held me in his arms, “I hate it when guys try to take another mans woman.”

He growled low under his breath and pulled back to meet my gaze.

“Your mine, not anyone else’s.” He pressed his lips tenderly against mine.

“I know Haku.. I know.” We shared the moment together, nothing but peacefulness surrounding us.