haku (off)


“Acquaintances? I don’t know, but I don’t want to deal with Tantei-kun’s soccer ball. Yeeesh, that thing could hurt. So friends, yes? Friends don’t hit other friends with soccer balls!”


The fact there was someone strange in his city was not the weirdest thing about them. New arrivals were common, Shinjuku station had a remarkably high level of foot and train traffic, tourists liked the area, and sometimes Angels popped in for a visit, or those from other worlds because well, world hopping landed you in some strange places sometimes.

The weird part was that, somehow, the soulless entity now walking the streets of his city wasn’t a black hole of a lack of anything that made up everything on the world. They were just… present, Music going through them like they weren’t even there. It was downright bizarre, and without a Soul Haku couldn’t gauge power levels or Vibe.

He opted for the direct approach, walking straight up to the person with no soul. They looked human enough, but so did Haku, so did all the other Composers and the Angels. Appearances were more routinely deceiving than one would think, even if Haku couldn’t keep all of his confusion off his face.

“Who exactly are you?” Because asking ‘what’ someone was quite out of the blue was very, very rude.

Open Were-Agent Hakuba (can do multipule rps from this start~)

Hakuba panted as he ran across the street. He needed to hide! He could still hear them chasing him. It was pure luck he was able to escape from the cell he got shoved in thanks to a very stupid lackey who had likely found himself at the end of their bosses gun. But that didn’t mean they were willing to let their prize run away. Not when it was so close…

He growled feeling his body starting to burn up. The moon was going to be up any time now and if they still had all that silver laced stuff even if he ran as fast as he could just one thing could hit him and he was caught.

Desperate and feeling parts of his body burning like the base of his spine and his feet he put out a burst of speed and turned onto a back gardens wall. Without breaking pace Hakuba leaped as he ran at the wall grabbing the top and pulling himself over. He easily made it over the top but his body was wreaked with a bolt of pain and he winced in the air coming crashing to the floor on his side curling up from pain. Fortunately he heard the feet of his pursuers caring on and running further down the road but he was left on the floor of someones garden with a rapidly changing body as the full moon started to shine down and he could only beg that no one was in.