i infuriate people with the way i play skyrim. I do everything so slowly. I focus on leveling my speechcraft, sneak, and my archery way before everything else and I do quests for loot, not objectives. 

So what that means is I literally go everywhere by foot, I sneak through all caves/dungeons 100% of the time, and i loot EVERYTHING (like even embalming tools and wooden bowls) so that I can sell literally everything, which means that I never drop anything. I will literally fill barrels and chests in dungeons with my extra shit so that i can collect even more shit, then when im done with the dungeon I sell everything and go through the cleared dungeon AGAIN to find the stuff I dropped. Rinse lather and repeat until everything is sold.
on the plus side tho im rich af and ive never died like i think ive been hit a few times because someone found me once but like i do not die and im rich af and im like level 10 on my new account so