Hakobe Resort. Chapter 1

Warning! Rated M for foul language, sexual content (in every chapter), and adult situations. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. This is my submission for NALU LOVE FEST 2016. It is also a sequel for ’Hakobe Ice’. (You don’t have to read ‘Hakobe Ice’ to understand this story, it just references it a few times.)

This is a lighthearted NALU story. Just a nice fluffy/smutty story between Natsu and Lucy.

I hope you all enjoy the story. :)

Summary: Natsu and Lucy’s two year wedding anniversary is coming up, and Natsu wants to do something to surprise his lovely wife. A weekend alone at the newly built Hakobe Resort should do the trick! 

Word count: 7,326

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Chapter One: Sweet/Rough

Natsu raced through town, dodging pedestrians and jumping over small obstacles that got in his way. His excitement kept him going, even when his stomach still twisted from just riding a train. He had to get to her, he had to see Lucy!

The fire dragon slayer smiled brightly when the ground under him changed from pavement to grass. He entered the forest and continued his run, not caring that his body was aching from the long mission he just finished.

Gray and him were gone for three weeks, trying to find and take down a new dark guild. It seemed like a simple mission when they accepted it. Only when they started did they realize what a challenge it would be. Still, they found the bad guys, beat them up, then let the royal army come in to arrest them.

The reward was worth it! Ten million jewels split in half meant Natsu had enough! He’d been trying to save for a while, but something always came up. The renovations to his house, the new furniture, but best of all, the wedding!

Even after almost two years of marriage to his beautiful wife Lucy, he was still paying for the wedding. At first they were just going to invite members of their guild, but soon they received requests from other guilds to join in on the fun. Before the two knew it, over half the guilds in Fiore wanted to attend the wedding between the fire dragon slayer and the celestial wizard. It was a fun day, despite the crippling debt it brought on.

After this mission, he had enough to pay off their debt, and pay for the surprise he’d been planning for over a year. He knew he wanted to treat Lucy to this, he just didn’t realize how long it’d take to get the money together.

Smoke could be seen over the treetops, making Natsu smile. Lucy was definitely home, and she was using the new fireplace they had installed. The blonde had been complaining that it was too cold whenever he left, so this was his way of making it up to her.

Lately Lucy had been taking less missions in order to focus on her novel. She was nearly done, so Natsu didn’t mind picking up the slack. He did miss having her on missions, but he understood that this was something she’d wanted to do for a long time.

Unfortunately without Lucy, that left Gray as his partner. Over the years the two had grown a little closer, and by that, he meant they could do a mission without it ending in a brawl between the two. Juvia used to join them from time to time until she became pregnant with the ice-make wizard’s baby, so now she was forced to take it easy.

Usually Happy joined them, but it seemed like more often than not, he chose to partner with Wendy and Carla, since the youngest dragon slayer wanted to go out on her own. Carla wouldn’t have that, and Happy was a sucker for the white-furred exceed.

That left Natsu alone with Gray, but he didn’t mind, as long as he provided for his little family -that would hopefully expand soon. It was still just him, Lucy and Happy. They agreed to wait until after Lucy finished her novel before they started trying to have kids. She was now even on birth control, making their 'alone time’ much more pleasurable.

The fire dragon slayer could still remember how much he wanted Lucy and his first time to be without a condom, but she wasn’t ready for kids, and honestly looking back now, he wasn’t either. Still, once her birth control became effective, he never looked back, because it felt much better with skin on skin contact.

The sign in front of their house was the first thing he saw. Natsu, Happy & Lucy was printed on the cat head shaped sign. Lucy argued that she should be next to Natsu, but Happy had a good point, he was there first. Natsu remembered how often they would come up to him with their reasons for being named second, so finally the fire dragon slayer gave up and just drew names out of a hat. They seemed fine with that outcome, since it was the only fair way to do it.

Natsu ran up the steps, then burst through the door. “I’m back!” He was immediately met with a shriek, realizing he surprised his wife while she was in the middle of writing.

“Oh no!” Lucy threw her head back, a frown surfacing on her face as she closed her eyes.

The pink haired man’s shoulders fell. “Aren’t you glad to see me? I was gone three weeks!”

“Huh?” The blonde opened her eyes, seeing her upside down husband with a pout. “No, not that. This!” She righted herself, then showed him a piece of paper. It was nearly filled, with only a few lines left blank. However, that wasn’t what she was showing him. She was upset because a large black line stained the paper from bottom to top.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he gave her a sheepish grin, “I was just excited to be home.”

Lucy’s brown eyes softened before placing the paper down. “It’s okay, I was almost done, but I can still see what I wrote. It shouldn’t take too long to rewrite it.”

“That’s good,” Natsu said, closing the door behind him then walking up to his wife. “Did'ja miss me?”

“Of course,” she smiled, standing up to meet him in a hug. His warm arms felt comfortable around her, melting away the bitter cold she’d been feeling since he left. Even with their new fireplace, nothing could replace Natsu’s heat. “I always miss you when you’re gone.”

Natsu mumbled against her golden hair, “I missed you too.”

“Well I would hope so,” Lucy giggled, until she felt something pressing against her hip. “I see you’re very happy to see me.”

“I am,” the dragon slayer admitted, not feeling the least bit of shame from being hard. His wife was the sexiest person he’d ever known, no matter if she was naked, in lingerie, or wearing a white shirt with pink shorts. She always made his heart skip a beat and his pants get a little tighter. “I couldn’t stop thinking about ya.”

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Fairy Tail Locations

Just a post appreciating the nice landscape and visuals of the Fairy tail world. As well as their locations in the world



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Teaser of FT-fluff-week Day 7

Headcannon that Juvia jokingly calls Gray her love rival because, surprisingly, Gray likes to keep their child to himself. It becomes less as a joke when Gray frequently takes their son to Mt. Hakobe as his disciple.    

I really liked this idea so I just wanted to share it. I find it regrettable that I wasn’t able to participate in all the days. 

weirdo-with-notmuch-purpose  asked:

Ahh!! I'm really excited that I got that right. Such a great thing to see first thing when you wake up. Anyway, you're a really amazing writer. How long have you been writing? And have you ever gotten any sort of formal lesson or taken classes on writing techniques?

Thank you so much! Technically I wrote in middle school (fanfictions about my friends and a few OCs) but it was terrible. Plus I didn’t have a computer of my own so I couldn’t exactly publish any of it. (Blessing in disguise really)

Recently though I started writing towards the end of 2015. I wrote for about 4 or 5 months before I finally posted Hakobe Ice in February of 2016. 

I’ve never received any formal lessons or took any classes. I have googled some writing tips and learned from other writers how to write better. 

The only classes I might have gotten on writing was high school English classes. I never got to be in a creative writing class or something similar, although I think that would have been awesome. 

I started writing fanfics because I became obsessed with reading them when I caught up with the fairy tail anime, so I needed something more to consume. Then after a while I was at work (I seriously don’t know why I always think of ideas while I’m at work, but it has to stop) and I got an idea for a story. I decided to give it a try.  

I started writing, got 40k words in and stopped to start a different story. 44k words later I dropped that story and started writing Hakobe Ice. 

It took me over a month to write and edit it, then it took me forever to finally gain the courage to post the first chapter. 

Thank you for the ask! I’m glad you liked the chapter! Have a great day/night!!