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One Piece OC Profile

Name: Escomar Arin

Age: 27
Birthdate: September 10
Height: 1.94m
Eye colour: Orange
Hair colour: Deep green
Nationality/Species: Human
Distinguishing feature: Little scar across her right eyebrow, three scratches on each upper arm, two tattooed rings on each thigh

Hobbies: Riding seamonsters, watching deathmatches, partying
Skills: Mastered armament haki, observation haki, martial arts
Favourite food: Anything super spicy
Favourite sport: Swimming, fighting
Favourite music genre: Jazz/Hip Hop/Soul

Occupation: Radical Squad
Family: Escomar Vitaly (father), De Vasconcelo Mariana (mother) 

Habits: makes an arrogant impression, breaks in doors

Dress Style: expensive, mostly suits or overalls

Relationship: Major by @ryan5gediche


USUK Sweetheart’s Week
Day 2: Science Fiction

It was necessary. It was dangerous - but the loving father was willing to do anything to keep his son “safe”. The mad man didn’t hesitate about placing a devilish being inside his so called masterpiece; a sly robot.

  • Read from right to left.

It’s an odd AU and not what I originally planned, but the idea was just too tempting /v\;;
The second page is a bit of a gif, so wait a few seconds to see the words disappearing, okay? ; 7 ;)//