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Hello Hakei! I really love your art, and so I was wondering if could ask you a dumb question. Your lineart even for doodles is really neat. Do you have any specific technique for making them neat? (E.g. how do you usually do lineart? How do you usually colour in black for Kouen's hair etc. ) Or is it just a matter of practice/ just a matter of honing a firm hand? ;w;

;0; thank you so much!! I don’t really have any special techniques haha ;;; Practice always helps! but everyone says that for everything. If sometimes you find yourself unable to draw digitally, I find it helpful to take a “break” and draw traditionally. For one of those days where you can’t draw digitally AND traditionally, I cry hard I look up other artists’s works, references, textures, etc. for later inspiration/usage

I lineart in SAI with the Brush tool (nearly default settings), with the canvas size at least 2000+px and 300dpi

I used to crank up the Stabilizer in the S-# regions, but once I started using a felt tip nib for Intuos, my Stabilizer is only around 3. Curse my shaky hands. Using the Stabilizer helps A LOT!!  (For Photoshop users, LazyNezumi is a plug-in that will act like SAI’s Stabilizer but after 30 day trial, you gotta pay to continue to use it… though I hear you can still use some of its features, just not all.)

While putting down the lines, I think it helps a lot to pretend you’re inking traditionally. I don’t always follow this myself but it’s good to do:
Take things slowly & try to use only a few strokes
CTRL + Z is your friend!
After I finish lineart + color, I size my canvas down to ~600px to upload on the web. Not only is art often meant to be viewed from a distance (digital art is no exception), some websites like Tumblr can kill the image quality if the size is too big.

Aaaanndd going from big to small lets your lineart look hella clean! B) 
Something like this, which looks relatively clean right?

But if you go up close and personal, it’s super messy :^)
look at all those sexy artifacts

For blacking in something like Kouen’s hair, I draw the hair like normal except a bit more messy since I’m gonna fill it all in anyway

And then I use the paint bucket to fill the black parts in on the lineart layer, and then add some random lines for stray hairs & fix whatever

Hopefully this helped! ;0;

3: List your top three statistical Tumblr crushes and draw their icons. 

4: Draw a selfie. 

I’m not kidding I’ve been pooped on 10+ times and have been bitten and chased and gotten my lunch stolen they know where I live

7: What is your current mood? Write and/or draw.

I’m too ambitious when starting projects and too lazy to finish them;;;

Badges! Trying to pay more attention to lettering and actually planning it out and drawing it instead treating it like an afterthought the way I usually do.

I’m still taking these if you want one!  They’re $40, which includes shipping within the continental US.  3x4" on watercolor paper, painted with archival-quality non-fading pigments, sleeve and clip included.  If you order by the 15th of February you’ll have yours in time for FWA.

You can use the ask box or tweet at @dawnchapel to indicate your interest.

He aquí mi mejor compra en las rebajas. Estos bonitos y cómodos botines con cuña en color arena son de Hakei. Son muy prácticos, ya que pueden llevarse tanto con falda como con pantalones pitillo y además su color permite combinarlos fácilmente. No pude resistirme ;-)

Hakei requested drawing myself in eva style! I hope you’re drawing yourself in Tama style ^ v ^ 

(I drew and painted this on window and my window colors might be bit off since it’s running on bootcamp ; v ; )

“I’m glad I met you, Hakei.”