Took my son and my nephews to meet Dave Roman at my LCS (and the best comic book store out there) Grasshopper’s Comics in Williston Park! It was a lot of fun! He was really nice and friendly. And he’s an Aquabats fan! He loved Baz’s Aquabats T-shirt and he showed us how he named one of the teams in Astronaut Acadamy the Hydrobats after them. And he drew us these kick ass sketches and gave us some old out of print pins we can put on our lapels and look super punk rock. All in all, awesome time had by all. Go read Astronaut Acadamy by Dave Roman then take your family on a road trip to Long Island, NY and visit John and Dan at Grasshopper’s Comics. Tell them The Walking Dead Guy sent you (been going there ten years now and that’s still what they call me, well that or Baz’s Dad)

An original drawing of Hakata Soy drawn for the ABC silent auction, which benefits the American Booksellers Association and their mission to support books and bookselling around the United States. It also supports the The Kids’ Right to Read Project (KRRP), which fights the challenges to children’s books and books for young readers in schools and libraries. KRRP seeks to uphold First Amendment principles in local censorship controversies wherever they occur in the United States.

You can check out all the amazing art available through the auction here:


Here’s a shot Hakata Soy during his days as a space hero, before enrolling at Astronaut Academy. His comminicom device is busted through most of Book 1, so he doesn’t get use it at school. Members of the Meta Team use Communicom devices for keeping in touch, but also for sending out sonic blasts. 

Fun fact: Hakata Soy usually wears a scarf his parents made him when he’s feeling insecure.