radfine asked:

Hey, you probably mentioned it before but I still don't know what hakabaib means.. Enlighten me please! (love) :)

Wow, where did this come from?  (I just found it now but I think it’s been in my message box for a while..)

Anywayy!  Hakabaib is actually four names/ titles/ words, which are all two letters - how exciting!  Ha, Ka, Ba, and Ib are all Ancient Egyptian concepts of the soul which I sorta ‘personified’ in a fictional creation story I came up with.  In addition to these four I also have Sheut (which I’ve been mistakenly writing as Sheul, bugger all) which is the character in my current icon. C:

This Wikipedia article does a good job explaining the different parts, but to make it short [and only explain the four/ five terms I’m using atm]:

Ha is the human body, the vessel for the soul.  In my 'creation story’ Ha is like a personified form of matter, and on a molecular level would be like the Proton.  Like the foundation of everything.

Ka is essence/ energy/ the “vital spark” (as Wiki puts it).  It’s what makes a living being alive and is personified by fire/ electricity, raw energy.  On a molecular level Ka is the electron - the thing that makes all the difference and the reason some elements are more reactive than others.

Ba is “what makes an individual unique” (similar to personality but not always in the inward sense, since inanimate objects could have Ba).  I’m not 100% on how Ba is personified since things like this are basically immeasurable, but I think of them like a Neutron - there, possibly acting as a stabilizer but otherwise it’s not very obvious what they’re doing.

The username Hakaba was taken so I added Ib to the end, which is the heart.  The story goes that Ha, Ka, and Ba together 'created’ atoms, which made the elements, and these elements reacted and with that they made water, which is the basis of life.  (The Ancient Egyptian concept of Ib is a bit different but I do what I want. :’D)  With Ib they were able to make the first organism and then evolution did it’s thing.

Bonus: Sheut is a person’s shadow and was associated with death, and in my 'creation story’ I like to think of it as “what’s left” (negative space, possibly “darkness” in the sense that it would be the opposite of Ka which would be light energy).

Aaand that’s the story.  It doesn’t follow the Ancient Egyptian concept 100%, and their concept of the soul is really interesting so I recommend the read.  Sorry if my explanation is a bit lengthy but I’m pleased with how well it all works out.

“Ka” is the idea of “vital essence” - energy, basically - what separates the living from the dead.  In this way she represents the sort of “energy” of the world.  In her purest forms she is fire and electricity.

I’ve really wanted to post more about HaKaBa but, though I have a decent amount of stuff down in writing, I wanted to make pictures to accompany parts, so it’s not getting done as fast as I would like. :/