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Could you explain what happened with daehyun?

There were babys who complained after daehyun’s birthday event that hak ssem and daehyuns other friends shouldnt of been there, basically accused hak ssem (who is daes vocal coach from teen years before bap existed) of ‘taking advantage’ of daehyun to try and sell himself, dae posted something petaining to “wtf he is my friend who is taking advantage of who?” Then deleted it and pre sure posted an apology (WTF?), hak ssem posts today that dae wont be working/interacting with him anymore and is going back to school and apologizes to these fuck wits
he the dude that put the whole thing on like should we completely erradicate anyone who isnt a bap member from members lives do they want their fams to fuck off too??? What do these infantile ppl want
Im really freakin done why is he wasting his time dealing with this fandom bs


I don’t know all the details yet, but from what i’ve heard, Hak Ssem just posted a message on twitter, apologizing yet again and stating that yesterday’s live stream will be Daehyun’s last performance with his academy.

I can’t even begin to tell you how seriously upset I am. I just cannot understand, why ‘Babys’ would do things like this. Why accuse Hak Ssem of using Daehyun to promote the academy and his students?? Why couldn’t you just be happy? Daehyun set up this live stream for Babys, he has gone out of his way for US, multiple times since the lawsuit was filed. He’s always trying to reassure us and make us happy. Why can’t you do the same for him? How can you call yourself a fan and do things like this. Daehyun and Hak Ssem should NOT have to apologize for anything. But they are because of some immature fans who can’t think of anyone but themselves. Did you think how this would make Daehyun feel? Did you really think this out? Hak Ssem was Daehyun’s teacher before he became a part of BAP, the people he performs with are his friends. Obviously he misses performing, have you been paying attention? Have you seen his dance practice videos? His singing practice videos? Instead of appreciating the fact that we can still see Daehyun, and still hear him sing and be ‘in contact’ with him while all this lawsuit stuff is going on…fans are attacking Hak Ssem and saying thoughtless things. And this isn’t even the first time fans have given Hak or Daehyun a hard time.  Hak Ssem has been supportive of BAP and Daehyun through this whole ordeal, and these fans just crapped on him. It’s disgusting. I hope the ‘fans’ that did this realize what they’ve done. 

Well, good job! You’re going to get what you want. Now Daehyun won’t be performing with his teachers academy anymore, so , thanks for that. Who knows when we’ll get to see him again. 

I’m tired of these whiny immature fans. If you ‘love’ your idols so much, stop and think about THEM before you do this stupid crap that you do. Do you think Daehyun is happy now? Do you think he’s proud of Baby’s right now? I’m so ashamed, and totally heartbroken, thinking about how poor Daehyun must be feeling. It was his birthday yesterday, it should have been a happy day for him.

Once again, I have to remind fans that, Idols are people. They are human. They have the same needs, wants and desires as the rest of us. They are not robots, they are not property, they don’t owe you a damn thing. If they want to get married, let them, if they want to date, let them, and if they want to sing with their friends while they wait out a lawsuit, let them! 

If you don’t have anything nice or positive to say, please, shut the hell up.


Babys…please send Daehyun and Hak Ssem positive tweets/messages. I’m hoping Hak and Daehyun will reconsider, but i can’t say i blame them if they don’t want to. They’ve put up with enough crap from fans already. 

As a fan, you should want your ‘Idols’ to be happy. We shouldn’t be destroying their happiness. Please, think before you do/act.