hak draws


I haven’t posted some Bucky in a while, so here’s some of my favorite posts and drawings involving Bucky. Can’t have Seb without some Winter Cinnamon Roll. 

Credit goes to (idk the actual titles so forgive me):

Winter Kitten Drawing by @hak-kun

The “Heeeere’s Bucky” image originally uploaded by @kabuki-akuma

Dorito art originally posted by @buckiedbarnes


If I am given a chance to suggest what other body part of Yona can Hak kiss, it would be her nape. 😂😂

Hak’s forehead kiss to Yona is always the sweetest but I think he needs to “move”, since Yona was the one who made the “first move” to where Hak did not imagine her to.

Inktober Day 1 - OT3

Soo-Won and Yona taking revenge on Hak who told them he wanted to sleep instead of playing with them  (・`ω´・)