hajra masroor


this is an appreciation post for the beautiful pakistani female feminist urdu writer, hajra masroor (1930-2012). im making this post because she’s the only writer that struck me in many ways. i learned about her in my urdu class and i love how shes done so much for empowering the women affiliated with poetry, creative writing etc. in pakistan, she’s got a bold imagination in her work and great eyebrows too. this post is to hajra masroor breaking the stereotypes that claim that ‘the south east part of the world is anti feminist” or “pakistan doesnt have any good female writers” and liberating herself and women she knew for a brighter place in the entertainment industry, also shout out to hajra’s work and the people who let it get included to my books and making the books saturated by male poetry and writings a little more interesting! you go hajra!!