NDRV3 Transcripts: Chapter 2 Part 1

Translation is still ongoing, but I’ve decided to go ahead and upload part 1 of Chapter 2! I know a lot of people have been waiting on a full translation of the game and currently @shinjiroaragaki, @ne0dym​, and I are working to bring you all one!

A huge thanks to @hajimikimo​ for helping us out with this project and providing us with the special events! Anyone who hasn’t yet read a full English translation of the prologue and Chapter 1 should check out her translations, which were subtitled with permission by Thelifeliketextube on YouTube. You can watch here.

If any of you could help spread this around, reblog, link to it, etc., that would help a lot! All of us are working very hard to bring you a full translation, and it’s been a really fun undertaking so far.

Anyway, please enjoy! I can’t possibly include the whole chapter here on Tumblr, so it’s Google doc only this time. I won’t discuss spoilers here, but there are (obviously) spoilers for Chapter 1, so read at your own risk!

More translated transcripts.


I’m finally open for character commissions! This will be my first time doing online commissions, so I hope you’ll be patient with me as I try something new.

Let me know that you’re interested through chat, an ask, or my email at hajimikimo(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll send you a link that will take you to a Google form where you can give me the details of your commission. For more info check out my Character Commissions page!

Hope you guys would consider commissioning me. Or if not, just a reblog to spread this around would be highly appreciated!

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apparently most posts with external links dont show up in search anymore. tumblr’s half assed attempt at dealing with spam :/ you should make a new tumblr page that contains links to your translations and link to that page from your posts, cuz internal links still work. it’s dumb but so far that’s one of the only ways to get around it

Ohhh god, I hate Tumblr. This is going to make linking to fics and other stuff so much harder than it needs to be.

Thanks for letting me know! For now I’ve switched out one of the main links on my sidebar with a link to translations instead. There’s also a big “tags” directory page on the sidebar. OTL I’ll probably make a text post about all this tomorrow or something.

anonymous asked:

Hey have you played ndvr3 yet or are you just really resourceful and analytical?

I haven’t played it directly (as in I don’t own a copy of the game) but I’ve watched a full playthrough of the game on Twitch! I can read Japanese so thankfully I could experience the game without having to buy it just yet, haha.

I’m actually working on a translation project of the rest of the game right now! @hajimikimo translated all of the prologue and Chapter 1 and her work was subbed with permission by TheLifelikeTextube on YouTube (here, if anyone wants to watch). I’ve translated the first part of Chapter 2 and am working on a second part currently. You can find what I’ve translated of the game in my transcription tag (here).

Thank you for the compliments, though! I have a lot of fun analyzing things and writing meta, so I’m glad if people enjoy this blog!

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List 10 facts about yourself and send on to your 10 favorite followers. >;D

Old old ask I haven’t answered yet because I couldn’t think of how to answer.

  1. I’m poor (gibe monies pl0x)
  2. I’m tiny (skinny & 5'5"/165cm)
  3. I’m allergic to chocolate
  4. I’m lactose intolerant
  5. I have a super weak immune system so I’m always sick with a cold
  6. I’ve been drawing for ~4 years now
  7. I think Link Between Worlds was a better game than Ocarina of Time
  8. My favorite fruit is the peach (though I like fruits in general)
  9. Dama’s neutral skin/scale color is #afeeee
  10. My spirit Pokémon is Charmeleon. My favorite Pokémon is Dragonite

Bonus #11: I’m single and I like big dudes nudgenudgewinkwinkeyebrowwiggles

Man I hate singling out people, but if I don’t tag anyone I know nobody would do it.

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