hajimikimo replied to your post: I’m trying to make shimeji.

ALL THE POKEMON!! is what i wud want but how bout all the avengers? u cud be like AVENGERS ASSEMBLE and theyd b on ur screen :)

lol NINA I think I can do it with just one character or I have to make multiple set of it.

farled replied to your postI’m trying to make shimeji.

i can only support the tony tony tony-

Then maybe I should start with Tony and then work on all the Avengers characters laler XD

shucklefuckles replied to your postI’m trying to make shimeji.

i used to have a shimeji wandering around but it would steal my browser and move it off screen….

LOL they are so cute…… but sometimes they gat annoying. lol

hajimikimo  asked:

List 10 facts about yourself and send on to your 10 favorite followers. >;D

Old old ask I haven’t answered yet because I couldn’t think of how to answer.

  1. I’m poor (gibe monies pl0x)
  2. I’m tiny (skinny & 5'5"/165cm)
  3. I’m allergic to chocolate
  4. I’m lactose intolerant
  5. I have a super weak immune system so I’m always sick with a cold
  6. I’ve been drawing for ~4 years now
  7. I think Link Between Worlds was a better game than Ocarina of Time
  8. My favorite fruit is the peach (though I like fruits in general)
  9. Dama’s neutral skin/scale color is #afeeee
  10. My spirit Pokémon is Charmeleon. My favorite Pokémon is Dragonite

Bonus #11: I’m single and I like big dudes nudgenudgewinkwinkeyebrowwiggles

Man I hate singling out people, but if I don’t tag anyone I know nobody would do it.

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