haji firooz

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LITERALLY PLEASE sit your ass down with all of this haji firooz stuff??? why the hell is everything a problem with this one specific iranian clique on tumblr, y'all always gotta be complaining about something

At least I’m not a fucking idiot like you, if you’re happy with being an ignorant piece of shit then mind your own business asshole.

last thing I say about this, just to clarify to anyone who’s unclear, THIS is what it looks like when you get soot on your face

and THIS is blackface 

honestly can someone explain to me why you’re so attached to this character? I know people who are probably twice your age who don’t give a fuck, and also haji firooz is actually one of the lamest and most forgettable aspects of norouz, he’s literally just like, around, no one gives a fuck. the fact that black Iranians say this is mocking them and your response is to say “it’s tradition” is embarrassing, you should be embarrassed. 

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would you consider Haji Firooz a racist tradition?

Absolutely. It has no place in Nowrooz. It’s an unfortunate 18th century addition to a very ancient festival

was just talking to @betemarrg about haji firooz and how we wouldn’t even have to get rid of him, just stop putting blackface on him, it’s really that simple! he gets to sing and dance and party with us. he can just be a dude… if to you the most meaningful part of his character is that he’s in blackface, that’s like super disturbing and i don’t even know what to tell y’all 

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please DON'T "sit your ass down" while your opinion on haji firooz seems to be missing a few points of context, it's perfectly valid to say that much of the tradition is rooted in racism and blackface. People need to stop dragging others on this website for no reason, if she got something wrong, please tell her what it was instead of saying " LITERALLY SIT UR ASS DOWN"

yall need to collectively take a nap tbh

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Haji firooz isn't blackface!! It's ancient tradition he's come from under the earth and is literally covered in soil and dirt and shit!!!, it's a ancient story I was told by a professor some time ago! He's not even supposed to be black I promise!!!!

Update: read posts above

k for the anon(s) freaking out at @akhechera about haji firooz clearly being a black slave, here’s a song he sings that confirms this:

“ارباب خودم سامالا علیکم، ارباب خودم سر تو بالا کن، ارباب خودم منو نیگا کن، ارباب خودم لطفی به ما کن. ارباب خودم بزبز قندی، ارباب خودم چرا نمی‌خندی؟”

i dunno if you can read farsi lol but it’s pretty clear