One misconception people have about Haiti is that, poverty runs the country. The media will never show you just how beautiful it is. There is in fact life there. Haitians party, work, raise families, go to school, & vacation there. Haiti is so rich in value but you shouldn’t have to go there yourself to know that. - 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹


This weekend a bus load of Haitians traveled to Savannah Georgia Commemoration of The Haitian Historical Monument #SiegeOfSavannah1779.
If you don’t know the history and understand why this is important, head to lunionsuite.com to read about it. We post the history every day. These videos are courtesy of @Meccaakagrimo who is there with his family.
#FranklinSquare #LesChasseursVolontairesDeSaintDomingue #HaitianHistory101 #HaitianAmericanHistoricalSociety #BusTour #HaitiLives #NancyLeger #HaitianArtsAndCulture

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