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Since the start of the main primary school in our neighborhood a few years back we have been hoping and praying to find a way to help out. Since the school is one of the only affordable options in our area we have noticed that it has quickly become a place for children who are living in rough conditions and this school has given the opportunity of education to restaveks, street kids, many who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to go to school. The teachers and directors who make up the staff at the school are nothing short of heroes. That being said, it is nearly impossible for these kids to learn on empty stomachs, and when hunger pains have become the number 1 distraction throughout all 6 of their classrooms, it’s not hard to realize we have a great problem.
Today marks the first day of our meals program at the school, and we find it rightfully so on account that today is also #WorldTeachersDay. We couldn’t think of a better way to help out the staff at the school then to fill their students bellies! As of now we have made a weekly commitment to the school, but we’re doing so in good faith that God will provide for us to be able to feed these kiddos each and every day. If you’d like to help us out we’ve posted the link to our website in our bio where you can find more information about our programs.
After watching these littles light up at the site of a surprise plate of spaghetti we’re all feeling a little more joyous this evening. The thought of being able to pass out these plates each school day is a beautiful one at that!
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New Generation of Haitian kids be like……… I do the same thing at the #zouk #kompa parties. I didn’t grow up to Haitian music so it’s hard for me to listen to a whole night of it. While they ploge imma #schmoney 😂😂 Video: @what_uhere4 🎶💃🎶❤️💙 #Lunionsuite #Haiti #Haitian #Haitiankids #Haitianmusic

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