Yugioh Crossover Concept: Yugioh/Haitian Vodoun II

That “more later” didn’t last very long did it?

Joey Wheeler, the Petro Duelist

The colors for the Petro lwa are Black and Red. This group of spirits are more recent than the Rada lwa, their origins largely stemming from the time of the Haitian Revolution. Because of this origin, the Petro lwa can be very aggressive, hostile, and tend towards being loud riders of their chwals.

Some of these traits, in addition to the color motif, is what makes Joey Wheeler a suitable candidate for leading the Petro Duelist faction. He is loud, boisterous and quick to resort to violence if he feels it’s called for. His Lwa Met Tet, of course, is the Red Eyes Black Dragon. 

On the other end, he’d likely be the faction leader with the least experience in dealing with such situations, the one still coming to grips with his new position of power. That said, he’s not completely hopeless: once he gets his footing, he can adapt quickly and move on from there.

Anonymous asked witchcraft101:

Anonymous: To the new mod. So you are initiated into voodoo? As I understand it voodoo is a closed religion and most is kept secret until initiation. Also curious do you work with God and the Bible and the prophets/saints in your conjurework? I am very interested in learning more about hoodoo and also voodoo (though I know they are separate things xD)

HEYYYYY, this is TRLTB (opencircle333), and no I am not initiated, because there are different types of Vodoun/Vodun/Voodoo.

There are the initiatory traditions like Haitian Vodoun.

Then there is West African Vodun where the other traditions originated from, which I believe requires initiation as well to enter the inner circle of priests. 

I know for a fact, however, once can be a non initiate Vodouist in Haitian Vodoun, and there are many practitioners who are, much like how you don’t necessarily have to be part of the inner caste of priests up there performing the rituals in order to go to Church. Certain Lwa will not work with you however, and there are many things one as a non initiate cannot do, or well you won’t even know how to do either way cuz it ain’t been published before, and initiates won’t tell you. 

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Gede ceremony Nov 23

A good time was had by all at one of the last Gede parties of the November season. A small apartment in East Flatbush, Brooklyn was rocking until 7 in the morning. The end of the party saw an amazing number of Gedes appear. There must have been 10 people possessed by a Gede. Normally, Tipis Gede comes to these parties, but on this night I met a new one called Gede Reserve.


Last Gede Party in Brooklyn for the Season

Every November in Brooklyn, Gede parties occur each weekend, often competing for attention in the Haitian community. Gede is a very popular Spirit, for one reason, because he is lewd and playful. People laugh and have a good time when he comes.

Gede’s playful actions are a counterweight to the other side of Gede. He is known for telling hard truths to the people at the ceremonies. He is one of the most powerful Spirits in the Vodou pantheon, living in cemeteries and controlling who passes on to Death. He is the joker alleviating the unbearable weight of the ultimate bad event, Death.

Yugioh Crossover Concept: Yugioh/Haitian Vodoun I

I’ll admit here and now I’d really like to play around with this idea, and even did some research on Haitian Vodoun despite that the thing that inspired it was the mental image of Kaiba dressed as Baron Samedi, chief of the Gede lwa

Of course, now that I’ve done the research, I’m hemming and hawwing at it simply because I don’t want to disrespect it by being forced to resort to portraying the “Hollywood Voodoo” version most are familiar with. 

I will, however, share some of my thoughts on this crossover concept.

My initial fanfic/rp pitch for this idea involved factions of duelists caught in a power struggle of sorts, each faction (composed of characters from Yugioh DM, GX and 5Ds) representing a nanchon (nation) of lwa, whom they served.

Given how the original series had this habit of turning Yugi/Yami, Joey and Seto into a Heroic Trio of sorts, let’s say this makes them the leaders of the duelist factions. Furthermore let’s base it on color and elemental motifs.

Seto Kaiba, the Rada Duelist

A prominent color motif for yours truly seems to be white, which is also one of the colors prominently associated with the Rada lwa. The Rada lwa are composed of spirits that were brought out of the motherland and into Haiti, where they were synthesized into Christianity. They are considered the least aggressive lwa and are associated with healing, as well as being guardians of morals and principles. These spirits can be traced to the Dahomey Vudus of West Africa.

Temperament-wise, Seto Kaiba is not a very good fit for leading a faction that primarily associates itself with the Rada lwa. On the other hand, in Vodoun ceremonies, it is the Rada lwa who respects are paid to first after Bondye, and we all know how much Seto Kaiba loves being at the top. 

To draw parallels with his Egyptian incarnation, it’s quite likely he’d be a Houngan (male Vodoun priest) and his Lwa Met Tet (Master of the Head) would be the Blue Eyes White Dragon. A Lwa Met Tet is an individual’s personal lwa, similar to a guardian angel. The Lwa Met Tet’s identity can vary—it can be a Rada, a Petro, a Gede, etc. He would have been born with this lwa rather than choosing it.

On the other end of things, one also has to consider his personality and the person he is now in the present rather than who he used to be in a previous lifetime. Putting aside his strong inclination towards disregarding anything like magic (this is an AU so presumably some features changed) or fate, it’s also likely that while he’d be a practicing Vodouissant, he would not commit to the point of joining the ranks of the priesthood: becoming one takes a level of commitment Seto would probably not be willing to put out and what’s more, he’d chafe at the idea of becoming a chwal (a “horse”/ritualist that is ridden (possessed) by the lwa) and even more that he would not remember anything his body might have done while he was “ridden.”

And that’s all for now. More later!

Yugioh Crossover Concept: Yugioh/Haitian Vodoun III

Yami Yugi/Atem, the Gede Duelist

Initially, the image that inspired this idea was Kaiba dressed up as Baron Samedi but as he’s already been designated as a Rada Duelist so that lovely mental image is out.

We move on to the last group of lwa (technically there’s four, but I couldn’t think of anyone to stand in for the Ogou): the Gede. These are the venerated dead, their powers tied both to death and sexuality. Their colors are black and purple. They are said to be a rowdy bunch of spirits, full of life and beyond social conventions or inhibitions.

Because these are the dead, it is nothing short of Fridge Brilliance that Yami Yugi/Atem lead the Duelist faction serving these lwa. Obviously he’d be the lead Houngan, supervising the ceremonies and rituals, while his Lwa Met Tet would be the Dark Magician. 

Anyway, those are my two cents on this idea and I hope everyone enjoyed reading them.