The gag is there wouldn’t have even been a Louisiana Purchase without Haiti. There would not have been a revival of the unique culture in Louisiana if not for Haitian immigrants resettling here because it was slowly dying out. New Orleans would have not been anything close to what is if not for the blending of Creole and Haitian culture. Many came here, led massive slave rebellions, and become state icons (i.e. Charles Deslondes). So y'all really have to read before you throw your diaspora hot takes out there.

Languages on Duolingo as of February 2017. 

English (American), Spanish (Latin America), French (Metropolitan), Portuguese (Brazilian), German (Standard), Irish, Welsh, Norwegian (Bokmall), Swedish, Danish, Polish, Russian, Ukranian, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Catalan, Italian, Romanian, Hungarian, Dutch, Swahili, Vietnamese, Guaraní, Esperanto.

To come: Czech, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Haitian Creole, Yiddish, Klingon (conlang), High Valyrian (Conlang).  

I should maybe stop analyzing other people speaking. (Nahhhh)

Due to my nerdy enthusiasm for linguistics, I am constantly analyzing the way other people are speaking. As much as I try to keep it to myself, I often end up going on little rants explaining to people just how interesting their recent utterance was. Much to the chagrin of my fellow asshole MPs. Sorry, I can’t help it.

Case in point: My current Advanced Oral French prof continues to make many odd little switches in her consonants. Now, I could go on for days about exactly what type of shift is occurring but that would be silly and pointless. Point is I just want to know WHERE she is from that would result in these ridiculous variants! Ultimately, it’s perking my interest and I am wondering if it would be far too awkward of me to fully ask her about it.

It is particularly difficult considering we spend the majority of class in discussion, working on our pronunciation and spontaneous oral skills. A specific example would be her switching of /b/ for /v/ in intervocalic environments (between vowels). So, instead of saying “mobile” she will say “movile”. It’s awkward. But even stranger - is changing her /Ʒ/ to /z/ regardless of placement. So, instead of saying “ajoute” she will say “azoute”. WHAT IS THIS BUSINESS?! I am assuming this is how a region of France speaks and I am just blissfully unaware as I am only truly familiar with quebecois and standard french. Other than that, my phonetic knowledge of other french dialects comes mostly from books and only some snippets of actual speech (pro tip: look into Haitian Creole when you get a chance, it is flipping awesome). Thus, I am curious.

Unfortunately, I have far too much school work to be doing to properly look into this but I definitely will this weekend. And there will be joy.

Linguist Llama gets it.


  • kevin hippie mcgee, sipping from a way too specifically ordered starbucks coffee: i'm learning guugu yimidhirr, haitian creole, veps, italian sign language, vulgar latin, old church slavonic and kazakh and i'm better than you
  • me: that's cool but i can actually find people to talk to in my target language so au revoir
Pye mwen nan chèn

Haitian saying

Translation: My foot/feet is/are in shackles.

Meaning: I am stuck on someone / I am in love with someone / I got it bad. 

For emphasis, you can say “De pye mwen nan chèn” meaning “Both of my feet are shackled.” This leaves no doubt about your feelings for that person. Someone should call 911 or your mama ‘cause you’re in really deep. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

T the Goblin

T is a goblin spirit who is the second oldest of the Haitian spirits up for adoption. In human years, he’s 10 years old.

T speaks fluent Haitian Creole, English, French, and Spanish. He loves to play soccer, garden, teach, and learn. He is a little quiet, but he has a huge heart and will fight for what he thinks is right, regardless of the consequences. He has a younger brother that lives with @faeryofblackstone , but he wants to expand and explore the world with his companion. T wants someone who is open minded to different cultures and experiences and is excited to share about his life in Haiti. He loves – I mean LOVES – animals; when he found out we have pets here in first world countries, he was in love. T has a such w “can-do” attitude and is perfect for helping someone with self-esteem issues.

T is about 3'3" with dark green skin. He has pale blue eyes and black freckles on his face to match the puffy black hair on his head. He usually only wears blue thread shorts, finding shoes and shirts “unnecessary”, although if you live somewhere cold, he’ll probably change his mind about that.

If you have any interest in T, please message me!! I will ask you a few questions, then direct you to @faerys-spirit-adoptions so she can ask a few questions and we will work together in deciding who becomes his companion. If you have any questions, please message me as well!

Just Updated: The Pearl of the Antilles, Chapter 13 - The Wheel of History

Banner by the amazingly generous and talented @wwrebel1992 .  Peeta and his blue eyes!

now on AO3/ffnet

Summary:   Historical AU set in Saint Domingue (French Territory) in 1790, one year before the Haitian Slave Uprising. Capitaine Peeta Mellark is the incorruptible Captain of the French Army in Le Cap, Saint Domingue. Katniss Everdeen is the daughter of a wealthy French merchant and mulatta mother. After the death of her parents and the dissolution of her father’s estate, Katniss survives by becoming one of the most sought after courtesans in Le Cap. A chance encounter in a Saturday market leads to a passionate affair set against the backdrop of one of the most brutal slave uprisings in recent history. Based on the novel, The Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende.

So many thanks to the incredible @eala-musings@everllarkingnewtina , @thegirlfromoverthepond and @akai-echo for betaing this chapter, not once, but twice. They are lovely and work so hard and I am very grateful for them.

There are now approximately five chapters remaining in this story!

Happy reading!

The Pearl of the Antilles - Outtake

My friend, @akai-echo , was in need of smut some time ago. I had this lying about but it will probably not make it into any future chapters so I revised it and posted it here below the cut for you.  Enjoy and Happy Sunday :)!  Unbeta’d and rather explicit.

“Close the doors,” she whispered.

Peeta obeyed, his heart pounding like Sultan’s hooves when he rides him hard over the planes, thrumming with barely contained power. The closed door left them outside of the house, though the garden was walled off, perched as it was on the cliff overlooking the sea, with only a stairway to connect the enclosed slice of tropical paradise from the surf crashing onto the beach below.  He had so much to share with his wife and longed to unburden himself of the events of the evening. But when he perched at the edge of the divan, she kissed him, leaving him dizzy and stealing his every thought from his mind.  

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