haitian summer


Plantains & Seasoned Tofu

Very simple and tasty

Boil either sweet or green plantains. Add a little salt for flavor (optional)

Sweet plantains cook alot faster than green plantains. What I do is make a slit ( not deep) going down three sides before I put it in to boil. When they begin to burst open that’s when you can easily tell there cooked or almost done.

Season tofu with what ever spices you like, I usually use table blend, salt, and black peppers.

After coating the Tofu, let sit (or marinate) while waiting for the plantains to cook.

When you feel like the plantains are done or almost done (optional), fry the tofu.

Ketchup or toping of choice recommend (optional)


**The last picture is tofu with just salt and pepper. These are all sweet plantains