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I’m from a beautiful part of New York (only ½ hour north of NYC) that really gives you the best of both worlds. Here is me in one of them.

Was recently introduced to this new spot that led me to the top of this mountain. The hike was rigorous but it was definitely worth it. I’ve been breathing better and having fun so thank God for that.

The Haitian setting,The Caribbean vibes,Rihanna,Bryson,The Santana sample

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Congratulations Ralph!! 🇭🇹
Handsome Freckle Face Haitian Model Ralph Souffrant collab with GQ & H&M in new summer ad! ———-
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Sylvio Cator, 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California

One of the oldest national records in sports is held by Haitian athlete, Silvio Cator. In the 1928, the footballer competed at the Amsterdam Olympics where he won the silver medal in the long jump. A month later he broke the world record with a jump of 7.937 meters, making him the first man to break 26 feet.