haitian money

It’s so stupid to block/unfriend people over the last election

If I can still be friends with you after you voted for someone currently being sued by the Haitian government for stealing money from their relief funds after the earthquake and rigged a primary election, you can be friends with me for voting for someone who you hate because they say dumb stuff you take out of context

I know they both suck, don’t pretend you hold moral authority over me

Didn't know shitholes could talk

Apparently the country my parents came from (Haiti) is a shithole now according to Trump. Interesting I didn’t know coming from a shithole means my mom being capable of speaking 4 languages, earning her bachelor’s degree, and being one of the most kindest loving and open minded person there is. Gee guess who discovered Chicago oh yeah a Haitian man, guessed who influenced New Orleans’ culture oh yeah Haitian people, guess where W.E.B Dubois ancestors are from oh yeah Haiti. Guess who influenced Miami culture oh yeah Haiti. Guess who influenced New York culture. Guess which country stole billions of dollars worth of Haitian charity money that was supposed to aid Haiti during the earthquake? Oh yeah America. Guess which country in africa is considered to be one the richest countries there oh yeah Nigeria. I just can’t believe this joke really said that some countries in Africa, Haiti and El Salvador were shitholes. Interesting how that comment is coming from the mouth of one.

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to let you know while i understand your reasons for not entering DR i have to say, a lot of dominicans including myself vehemently disagree with what the government is doing. Like America, there is racial prejudice here but we support u

this is like when white people say “not all white people”
obviously some dominicans disagree, but what is that support doing for us? Especially when a lot of Dominicans in DR are VERY racist and prejudice towards Haitians, they’re bullied, treated like dirt, used for slave labor.. the women are raped, tricked out…

Haitians (no matter how well off they are) can’t even go to DR with Haitian money because a lot of places (shops, restaraunts etc..) won’t even serve you if they know youre Haitian, I have family members who exchange their Haitian Money for American money and have to pretend they’re American just so they won’t be treated like dirt. 

Like what do you want me to say? thank you for your support??? at a time like this when your country is going through this “ethnic cleansing” black identity crisis and Haitians are being treated like scum your concern shouldn’t be making sure we know “not all your people are racist” like no offense but who cares?