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The United States has a long history of discriminatory immigration policies dating back to laws prohibiting immigrants from Slavic nations and Ireland, the Chinese Exclusionary Acts, interning German, Italian, Haitian, and Japanese citizens at different points in history. Mass deportations of legal Mexican American citizens and immigrants under FDR. The Nazi comparisons are unnecessary given our own history regarding the subject. Over 80-90s years ago the United States tried to repatriate legal citizens back to Mexico.

It is as if Americans are blind to their own history.

Michaëlle Jean was the first back GG of Canada from 2005-2010, and the 3rd woman to hold the position. Born in Haiti in 1968, her family immigrated to Canada settling in Montreal.

While studying at University of Montreal, Michaëlle became involved in working with shelters for battered women eventually leading her to help develop a network throughout Quebec and other parts of Canada

After her time as GG, Michaëlle committed herself to working on educational issues and providing aid to the people of Haiti

Additionally, she is fluent in 5 languages including; Haitian Creole, English, French, Italian and Spanish. She can also read Portuguese.


Stella Jean - Milan Men’s Fashion Week S/S 2016

Just in case you hadn’t noticed I’m expanding my blog a bit to include POC behind the scenes and decided to add pics of the designers to their runway shows. This lovely lady is Haitian/Italian designer Stella Jean. I’ll do a full bio on her in the coming weeks but I thought it would be great to broaden my blog’s intentions and show how POC have a hand in all aspects of the fashion world, albeit not as much as I’d like. Maybe it will inspire some of you <3

  • Some shitty American: *Drinks Mexican beer* *Drives Japanese car* *Gets henna on wrist at carnivals* *Loves Puerto Rican asses* *Gets manicured at Korean nail salon* *Was raised by Haitian nanny* *Has an Italian barber* *Gets house cleaned by South Americans* *Eats Chinese food every week* *Has Arabic tattoo* *Smokes Cuban cigars* *Dances to salsa*
  • Some shitty American : Immigrants are really ruining this country its unbelievable