Happy Saturday with a delicious Grilled Caribbean Lobster meal served with white rice, a bean sauce, fried plantains, boiled carrots, squash, and a basic salad. “Creole”
Bon Samdi, men Woma Karayib griye sèvi ak diri blan, yon sòs pwa, bannann fri, kawòt bouyi, militon et ou salad de baz.
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Once again, DO NOT donate to the huge scam aka Red Cross to support relief/humanitarian efforts of Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. We all remember what the Red Cross did with the $500 million it received to build houses after the earthquake in Haiti back in 2010.

Haitian-led orgs you can contribute to directly for relief efforts: Konbit Mizik, Haiti Communitere, ACFFC, Sakala Haiti, SOIL, Fondation Aquin Solidarité , Volontariat pour le Développement d'Haïti, Lambi Fund, MADRE, Sowaseed, Konbit Solèy Leve, Sakala

Non-Haitian Orgs with proven track records in Haiti: Doctors without Borders, Roots of Development, Partners in Health, Border of Lights, Nova Hope for Haiti

Green coffee berries are spread on flat panniers and deftly sorted by singing natives - Trained women and girls work in group; some sit under sheds, some out in the open, and all do the piecework. Often they sing what they call “Merengues,” which are extemporaneously intoned by leader. When a stranger stops to watch them work, they immediately begin to sing about him, usually enjoying a laugh at his expense. Haiti c.1934 #haiti #1930s #haitian #coffee #berries

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The magnitude of the devastation that the Hurricane Matthew left in Haiti became clear on Saturday, three days after the storm that struck the south of the country leaving more than 900 dead. About one million people need urgent help.

Kites , Haiti c.1934 | Haitian boys build into their home-made toys of colored paper vibrating vanes that queer noises. Sometimes they tie pieces of broken glass to the tail and try to maneuver the kites so as to cut tails and strings of those of other boys. #haiti #1930s #portauprince #kites #haitian

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Haitians Protest Outside Hillary Clinton’s Office Over ‘Billions Stolen’ by Clinton Foundation

Haitian activists protested outside of the Clinton Foundation in New York over the loss of “billions of dollars” that was meant to help rebuild after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

The activists are claiming the money was stolen through the Haiti Reconstruction Commission that was headed by Bill Clinton. In January 2015, the Clinton Foundation was the target of protests for wasting more than $10 billion and awarding contracts to non-Haitian companies.

The activists also said Haiti as a cover for foreign governments to funnel kickbacks of hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. They believe that this was done for favors that Hillary was doing for the foreign governments while she was Secretary of State.

“We are telling the world of the crimes that Bill and Hillary Clinton are responsible for in Haiti,” said Dhoud Andre of the Committee Against Dictatorship in Haiti. “And we are telling the American people that the over 32,000 emails that Hillary Clinton said she deleted have evidence of the crimes they have committed.”

Five years later, a majority of Haiti is still in disrepair. The capital’s main hospital has yet to be finished, and there is a major rise of cholera. The Clinton Foundation said progress is being made especially in Haiti’s economic and tourist industries.

The UN has admitted that it played a role in the cholera outbreak in Haiti
By Fiona MacDonald

The United Nations (UN) has finally acknowledged that it played a role in the cholera outbreak in Haiti that began nearly six years ago, and has killed thousands of people, and infected almost 800,000.

The Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, admitted for the first time last week that the organisation was involved in starting the outbreak, and “needs to do much more” to fix the problem.

But a confidential internal report obtained by The New York Times took things one step further, concluding that the epidemic “would not have broken out but for the actions of the United Nations”.

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