one spring, I just got sick of all the hair on my pony. Unbraided, her mane was 3 1/2 feet long. Braided up I could shorten it to about 2 feet, if I braided tight braids. I had to keep it braided in the summer, because it was so thick (about 2 inches across her neck is the thickness this absurd hair grows) and where she would sweat under it, she would get funky skin fungus issues.

So now, my gaited pony sports a mohawk. I get a lot of shit for it, but hey, it suits her. Not every pony needs to have a barbie-horse mane! I had just roached her mane straight down to nearly the skin here, but once it started growing out, a 2 inch mohawk looked best.

Rode the hairy pony today

Rode through my uni dressage test on Jake today, he was a good wee boy but doesn’t quite get that you aren’t allowed to gallop in dressage! He used the change of rein as the speedy bit then slammed the brakes on to trot, after a few times he got it though and was a pro.
Also popped over a couple of little jumps that were up, poor boy got very hot under his big coat and so was super sweaty after we finished. So he got a little bath to get rid of the sweat and I dried him off and put him back out.
I’m seriously considering clipping him next year and getting a heavyweight winter rug for him, as I’m riding more than I usually do in the winter, just at the weekends at the moment, and i get a month off over christmas where i will be riding every weekend and during the week if i’m not working… Any thoughts??