Meet my sexy Syrian officemate.

Ahmed is one hell of a nice guy. I asked him if I can grab a photo from his instagram to be posted here, he just said “Take a photo where I am a sexy god” with all the winks a straight guy can give. By the way he’s a Mechanical Engineer 😉

I’ll be damned if this photo is not enough proof of his manliness and hotness 😍

💯% Prime Arab Beef 🤤👌🏻☑️
💯% Muscle God 🏋️‍♀️😛☑️
💯% Muscle Hunk 😍😘☑️

I’m sold..No more discussions or whatsoever!

I would literally take them and lock them up at home. These Lebanese hairy daddies are the bomb. 🇱🇧 They are the very definition of hairy, hot, testosterone laden Arab men. 💯 points going to Lebanon 🇱🇧

💯% Prime Arab Beef 🤤👌🏻☑️
💯% Muscle God 🏋️‍♀️😘👍🏻
💯% Muscle Hunk 😍💪🏻☑️