Almost two months ago I realized that I had never, not once in my entire life, grown my armpit hair out.
I’ve been on this earth 22 years. I’ve been shaving my pits for 11-12 of those years. I remember shaving my armpits before I even had armpit hair because my big sisters did it and I wanted to be like them. I have no clear memory of when I first discovered I had armpit hair, probably because I got rid of it before it had even barely begun.

Now that I’ve grown it out and I know the feeling all I can really say is this:
It is so strange to walk down the street and to know that every person I pass assumes I have shaved my armpits. But I have not… It’s like I have a secret identity. I’m now Hairy-Armpit Girl! And I’m here to save the day by telling you… you don’t have to shave your armpits folks. It’s kind of nice to let go and be free for a bit.

That’s all.
Hairy-Armpit Girl out.✌🏽️

anonymous asked:

Why did you give that one OC girl hairy armpits??? Gross???

If it’s the apocalypse, I think shaving is the last thing on her mind.


au natural baby

this is why i don’t shave anymore. 

I can have hair if I want.

Know what really grinds my gears, Is when someone tries to bash me for not shaving my armpits and legs because i’m a “girl.” I really hate these stereotypical gender roles people place on us. The funny things is before WW1 all women had hair, just like men. It was just a normal thing until men went off to war and razor companies lost alot of business, so then they started to target women. Now apparently it’s preposterous for a women to even have the slightest stubble.  Y’all need to get over yourselves.